Never name 1 of these 7 things as your weakness in a job interview

When you’re interviewing for a new job, your number one goal is to make a positive impression on the hiring manager.

Luckily for you, some questions are the same in every interview. In every single interview I’ve had, they have asked me about my weaknesses

It’s a question many people dread, but it is a quick and easy way for the hiring manager to discover flaws. How do you answer such a question? What answers should you avoid?

Here are the 7 things that you should never name as your weakness in a job interview.

1. I don’t have any weaknesses

I don’t have any weaknesses is a statement that should be avoided at all costs.

Everyone has areas they could work on, including you. Hiring managers appreciate it when you’re honest and sincere. The recruiting process is complicated enough as it is

Instead, honestly state your weaknesses and mention what you’re doing to overcome them. It shows that you’re working on improving and learning. 

2. I’m a perfectionist

Many people mention that they’re a perfectionist, thinking that this is what the interviewer wants to hear. If you were a perfectionist, you would know this answer is not what hiring managers want to hear. It is a cliché answer that you should try to avoid, even if it’s true. 

3. I’m a workaholic

Mentioning you’re a workaholic or you work too hard is something hiring managers hear all the time. Most of the time, they will ask for another example. 

Besides, many managers want their employees to have a decent work-life balance. It’s not necessarily a good thing if you never stop working. 

4. Avoid naming an essential skill

When you’re asked about your weaknesses, you should be honest. However, be careful that you don’t name an essential skill of your potential job. If you apply for a sales job and you mention you’re shy, it will get more complicated for you to get hired. 

To avoid saying something essential to the position you’re applying for, scan the job description. The job description will mention what skills they expect of you. 

5. Don’t use a hard skill

When you’re asked what your weaknesses are, don’t name a hard skill like Photoshop, Adobe, or Python. They’re generally not looking for a hard skill. If you’re mentioning any of these and you’re not working with it, it’s not relevant. 

For example, if you’re applying for a job in finance, it’s not relevant that you’re not good with Photoshop or Python. Stay relevant to the job you’re applying for.

6. Avoid jokes

If you get tensed when they ask you about your weakness, it may be your first response to make a joke. Be very careful about what you say. 

When you say something like “I love chocolate” or “job interviews” when they ask about your weakness, you never know how the hiring manager will respond. To be on the safe side, simply avoid it. 

7. Don’t rehearse a response

It is essential to go to an interview prepared. Think of your weaknesses ahead of time, but avoid rehearing an exact response word for word. If you rehearse a response, it may affect your interview down the line. 

It is crucial to admit that you have weaknesses because it shows that you’re self-aware. Plus, it is a great way to change your negatives into positives. Simply avoid these replies, and you’ll be well on your way to your next job!