Never going to bed angry might cost you some sleep

Most couples spend nearly an hour and a half trying to settle their differences before bed, according to a new study.

The age-old advice “never go to bed angry” was put to the test by Mattress Advisor, who surveyed over 1,000 people who were either engaged, married or in a serious relationship to find out how they handled unresolved disagreements at bedtime.

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The study found that couples involved in disagreements averaged up to an extra hour and 20 minutes before going to bed. Those who generally resolved their issues wound up staying up 15 minutes less than those who weren’t able to.

When disagreements were at their worst, researchers said couples stayed up for an extra two hours and 30 minutes. Couples who resolved bedtime disputes were up for nearly an extra half hour (27 minutes) less than the couples who typically didn’t.

Couples averaged two and half serious disagreements per month, but an average of one disagreement escalated into an argument, the study found.

Rough night

Before raising an issue that might spark a major fight, experts recommend trying to relax for about 20 minutes to see if your mood changes. Those moments of bliss could ease your tensions and potentially help you avoid a major blowout with your partner before bed, according to the survey.

Specifics for what was considered major or minor fight topics were not given, as the survey allowed participants to interpret however they felt.

It also turns out that those who said they followed the “never go to bed angry” rule were more than twice as likely to believe they had a better life than those who didn’t abide by the rule.

A study published in Nature Communications in 2016 found going to bed angry negatively affects you, as you are more likely to carry the grudge after you wake up instead of simply shaking it off.

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