This Simple Tool Will Boost Your Professional Network

Jump-start your job search with a fresh way to network.

The easiest way to get back in your job-hunting groove is to give your network some much-needed attention. When leveraged properly, your network can help you establish your personal brand, uncover new job leads, and gain valuable insight into a prospective employer.

Ladders revealed a list of its most influential recruiters for a previous quarter. This list should be one of the many tools in your job-search arsenal. Below are three ways you can use it to nurture your network and propel your job search forward.

Give to get

Networking, at its core, is about developing and investing in your professional relationships. As with any new relationship, it’s considered poor form to immediately request favors. Instead, look for opportunities to provide value to the other person. The more you learn about your new connections, the easier this will be. Remember, as a job seeker you are learning more about the job market than the average businessperson. If you come across information that might be useful to your network, share it. Identify who in your network could benefit from this recruiter list and send it their way.

Sing their praises

Everyone enjoys a little flattery. Use the top recruiter list as a reason to connect with employers whose hiring needs align with your job goals and qualifications. Congratulate those target employers who made the list by sending a personalized message on Twitter,or through one of your other professional social media accounts. With just a few key strokes you can easily find the recruiters or their companies. If you’ve been in contact with any of these recruiters in the past, this is a great excuse to reach out, offer your congrats, and reestablish the relationship.

Join forces

The job hunt can be a lonely journey, but it doesn’t have to be. If you find yourself out of work and looking for a new job, consider partnering with a peer mentor. Join groups online and in-person to find a fellow job seeker who is in a similar line of work. Set up weekly check-ins and share resources like this recruiter list to keep your job search on track, and each other motivated. By combining your efforts and assets, your search is sure to get a boost in the right direction. Worried about the competition? It’s highly unlikely that both of you will have the exact same job goals and be perfect for one particular job opening.

Remember, networking isn’t about meeting people – it’s about building meaningful connections and exchanging information with those who prove valuable to your career goals. Use this list to activate your network and jump-start your job search for the fall.