A look at cloud security leader Netskope (and how to get hired there)

As “the cloud” becomes the technology to take us into the future, employees are able to be connected not only wherever and whenever but on virtually any device. While this new technology is great, it needs new security technology to keep information safe, and that’s where Netskope, the California-based cloud security company, comes in. Legacy security tools can’t identify risky activities, which can be dangerous for companies trying to secure precious information. Netskope has updated technology that was built specifically for the cloud.

Get to know the cloud security company with a video from Netskope itself, and keep reading for Ladders’ deep dive into the company behind the technology.

Netskope rundown

Size: Netskope currently has 860 full-time and part-time employees.

Industry: Computer Software

Locations: The company’s headquarters is located in Santa Clara, California. Netskope also has offices in San Francisco, California, Redmond, Washington, New York, New York, St. Louis, Missouri, Bengaluru, India, London, England, Melbourne, Australia, and Singapore.

Founded: 2012

Founders: Sanjay Beri, Ravi Ithal, and Krishna Narayanaswamy

CEO: Sanjay Beri

sanjay beri
Courtesy Netskope

Mission: Netskope is on a mission to create “360-degree data protection that guards data everywhere and advanced threat protection that stops elusive attacks” for each and every customer.

How much do Netskope employees make?

The average salary for a Netskope employee is $137,131 per year. Ladders estimates are based on our calculations.

Netskope Jobs

Netskope is currently hiring for 71 open positions, including a Senior Website Manager and a Senior Demand Marketing Manager, to work in the Santa Clara headquarters. Find a full list of open roles on Ladders’ Netskope Jobs page.

Complete list of Netskope investors and funding rounds

The private company has raised $400.1 million over four rounds of funding. The Series A round, which was announced on Nov. 5, 2013, included one investor.  The latest funding was the Series F round, which was announced on Nov. 13, 2018, and included seven investors. The late-stage venture raised $168.7 million.

What Netskope CEO Sanjay Beri says it takes to get hired

Netskope has a strong emphasis on transparency, and CEO Sanjay Beri wants employees who will provide openness in return.

“Just like our culture, people being interviewed and interviewing should be open and transparent,” Beri told Ladders. “I always say, be authentic, and most importantly, be yourself. Being authentic ultimately means you come across as someone the other can trust and rely on.”

Additionally, Beri likes when candidates take the time to get to know Netskope, making sure that the company is a fit for values, skills, and interests.

“Another piece of interview advice would be to ask questions so that you understand the company– too many times people treat (an interview) as a one-way conversation,” Beri said. “The reality is both people are figuring out if this is a match.”

Beri also values employees who will be there for their colleagues, so explaining times when you went out of your way to help someone at a previous company could score you some points in your interview.

“You continuously need to be thinking ‘is this someone who will embody the culture we want through good and bad and will succeed not only in their area but in helping others?'”

What Netskope the Senior Director of Talent Management says it takes to get hired

“When hiring at Netskope, we look for talent that is motivated by the fast-paced innovation throughout the industry, and someone who is eager to jump right in,” said Brendan Lynch, the Senior Director of Talent Management. “This company is ever-evolving, as is the cloud security space, so we build our team with people who are excited by the challenges and can evolve alongside the changes being implemented on a consistent basis.”

Netskope Office Life

Beri emphasizes that Netskope always puts more weight on culture fit over personal knowledge.

“While some startups will go out of their way to hire those with a 10 out of 10 in domain expertise, but a 7 out of 10 in culture, Netskope looks to do the opposite,” Beri said. “While domain expertise and experience is vitally important, culture outweighs both. Without a healthy culture, we would not have the company we have.”

Lynch agrees with Beri on that sentiment, echoing that Netskope has a very open and collaborative office.

“Our culture and the people that make it up are of the utmost importance,” Lynch said. “We purposely have an open desk layout and large meeting spaces, so there is no shortage of partnerships and teamwork on a daily basis.”

Equally important to collaborating on work is working together to create an uplifting environment for employees.

“Whether it is celebrating National Coffee Day by catering a coffee truck, or coming together to celebrate the winter season by encouraging all employees to dress in their favorite ugly sweaters, life at Netskope is fun and interactive,” Lynch said.

One unique aspect of Netskope is its weekly catered lunches. “When the lunch hour hits, everyone comes together in one central location to share stories, and have a break from their day-to-day responsibilities,” Lynch said.

A huge part of belonging at Netskope is checking your ego at the door. According to Lynch, founders and leaders work shoulder-to-shoulder with their colleagues.

Another unique aspect to the company is its women’s group, called the Awesome Women of Netskope (AWON), in which members meet for dinners, hear guest speakers, and support each other’s career growth.

Netskope Benefits

  • Health, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance
  • Mental health care
  • Flexible spending account (FSA)
  • Health savings account (HSA)
  • Supplemental life insurance
  • 401K plan
  • Stock options
  • Maternity & paternity leave
  • Reduced or flexible hours for parents
  • Family medical leave
  • Work from home
  • Dependent care
  • Military leave
  • Unpaid extended leave
  • Vacation & paid time off
  • Paid holidays
  • Sick days
  • Bereavement leave

Netskope Perks 

  • Employee assistance program
  • Company social events
  • Commuter checks & assistance
  • Free lunch or snacks
  • Pet-friendly workplace

Netskope employee reviews 2019

Netskope has impressive Glassdoor ratings. Reviews range from a two-star review titled “Great product but lack of patience and integrity of some management make it a poor place to work,” to five-star reviews exclaiming that Netskope is the “best place to be right now for cloud security enthusiasts.”

Others encourage that the office is a “great place” to work where employees “come to work happy!” Overall, 94% of reviewers would recommend the company to a friend.

The reviews, whether positive or negative, all come to the consensus that if you work at Netskope, you’re going to enjoy working on the product. One reviewer wrote, “Netskope is an industry leader and is continuing to invest in R/D to expand our platform of award-winning products!”

With a 98% approval rating of the CEO, reviewers also value the “transparent workplace” that Beri makes sure to create at the company. One reviewer wrote, “Amazing culture, fantastic and supporting executive management team from the CEO down.”

Netskope product rundown

Netskope’s Cloud XD platform works to eliminate blind spots. The security cloud platform provides threat protection when accessing cloud services, websites, and private apps from anywhere or any device.

Netskope’s security covers the following SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and Web products: