Move over, plants. This is the new “it” accessory for your desk

These “beautiful, zen-emitting” water fountains by designer Lily Clark are the hot new desk accessory, Apartment Therapy reports.

The unglazed fountains, which all retail for about $300, are made of terra-cotta and porcelain and inspired by dams, which is so cool your coworkers won’t even get it.

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Her work is meant to be placed side-by-side next to technology, as she told Ignant.

“The work isn’t necessarily meant to counter the habits, but exist alongside them,” Clark said. “Staring at screens occupies a lot of our time, at home and work. The desktop scale of the fountain encourages placement on a table or shelf, sometimes sharing space with a screen. The movement and sound of the water suggests a moment of pause relative to the demands of the screen. There is an importance to zoning out and engaging your senses.”

The history of the desk accessory

There have always been desk accessories du jour, and many of them have existed with the intention of takes our eyes away from our screens for a moment – for example, those Zen gardens with rocks and sand, and plants, of course.

Other popular desktop decorations were designed to broadcast wealth – think those mini-Jeff Koons balloon dogs that hedge-funders love to place prominently on their desks. And don’t forget about Newton’s Cradle, which seems to exist for the personality type that says, “I’m calm, cool, and in control.”

And for some of us, there’s always a bright, red Swingline stapler.

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