Millennials are so burned out they believe their lives are more stressful than previous generations

Lay off, boss: a survey of 2,000 people from Lhasa OMS says that 65% of Millennials believe that career pressure causes burnout. So they’ll get that TPS report to you tomorrow, thanks.

Burnout is now an officially recognized work-related syndrome recognized by the World Health Organization – and it couldn’t have come too soon. Finally, Millennials can identify what’s wrong with them.

The stress is everywhere

What happens at work doesn’t explain what goes on in the rest of their lives, however: 88% of Millennial women are stressed out multiple times a week. Not far behind, 73% of men are stressed out multiple times per week. (Only 12% regularly make time to relax.)

What’s worse – 40% of Millennials experience stress every day.

If you ask them (and the survey did) stress and burnout have seeped into every part of the typical Millennial’s life.

If fact, they think they have it worse than their parents and grandparents: 78% of Millennials believe that life today is more stressful than it was for previous generations.

Top pain points

  1. Finances and debt
  2. Work and career tension
  3. Struggle to maintain a work-life balance

Here are the rest of the top sources of pain:

Finances are a particularly sore point, and many Millennials dream about that big payday: 91% said a higher income would make them less stressed out.

Meanwhile, it all adds up: While 56% say an overload of technology and media contributes to the stress of everyday life, only 9% do a tech detox to rid themselves of that stress.

And they feel like they’re doing it all alone: 1 in 5 feel they don’t have a support system.