The preferred meditation apps of entrepreneurs

Can we get an ‘Om?’ April is National Stress Awareness month but all professionals need a little R&R year-round. Unfortunately, a day at the spa or a week-long vacation without email isn’t a reality for many leaders or entrepreneurs, however, a moment of zen daily is possible.

The ancient practice of meditation is one that many modern hustlers have adopted into their routine by carving out a few minutes of mantras in the morning or nighttime via easy-to-use apps. If you’ve been curious about which downloads are the best for your lifestyle and routine, consider these recommendations from successful leaders who run their own companies — and take control of their minds.

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After all, believing you can is half the battle in any industry or job description. Get started with these meditation apps ASAP.


Leila Janah, the founder of LXMI, took an interest in meditation in 2012 when she met the founders of this trendy app. As one of their first subscribes, she quickly fell in love and now considers herself an avid user.

She relies on daily meditations to start her day on a proactive and productive note. Considering balance has been one of the greatest challenges of leading an entrepreneur lifestyle, these five precious minutes in bed have been a game-changer.

“It’s become an imperative part of my own wellness ritual that extends beyond and deeper than eating well, and using clean products,” she continues. “Calm has also given me the tools to implement a weekly group meditation, not tied to any philosophy, but an option 30 minutes before all staff meetings. It slows down a constant barrage of thoughts, helps us to focus and come to conclusions on hard decisions.”


When most people are under tremendous stress or pressure, they’ll hold their breath without realizing it. It’s a normal human reaction — and is often why your partner, your parents or your friends will remind you to inhale and exhale when you’re upset.

With a name we can all relate to, Breethe is the go-to app for president and creative director of Auburn Jewelry, Samantha Levine. A fellow female entrepreneur recommended the app to her — and she quickly fell in love. Especially since it can cater to any and all situations — and attention spans.

“They differentiate in the title whether you’re using it in public with your eyes open or not. This feature is helpful for me because I use the app before heading into big meetings to center myself and relax my nerves a bit,” she shares. “I also use it at bedtime to help me fall asleep and not think about everything I have on the calendar for the next day.”

Mindfulness from Deepak Chopra

Founder of 100% Pure, Ric Kostick, says when you’re overworked with demands coming in every direction, it’s easy to forget about yourself. And maybe more poignantly, to forget about the bigger picture.

He turns to meditation apps like Calm and Headspace to clear his thoughts — but also has a secret weapon for those long business travel flights. Using Spotify’s premium subscription plan, you can download anything from their extensive library to listen to sans-WiFi or service. This is helpful for when you need to relax miles high in the air.

His favorite is ‘Mindfulness’ from Deepak Chopra. With the help of this guided meditation, as well as many apps, he’s been able to process more effectively, with or without them.

“As I got better at the technique of mindfulness through the app, I learned to apply it while in the midst of stressful situations and with others around,” Kostick says. “I can take myself into observer mode, which allows me to stay calm, cool, and collected in order to make the best decisions and reactions to the issue at hand.”

Hello Mind

When you have one of those ridiculous weeks where you feel as if your head is spinning, your heart is racing and you’re barely getting through — sleep is tough to come by.

That’s why the founder and head of experiences for LOUDER Experiences, Kendyl Wright, turns to Hello Mind many times a week. It helps her to release her worries and the pressure so she can rest peacefully. With catered options that target her current struggle, it’s been a powerful tool in her bedtime routine.

“I choose a track based on what I’m struggling with that week: get over your fear of rejection, release anxiety and so on,” she continues. “I find that the mantras stay with me and when I start to slip back into an anxious or stressed place I can hear the voice repeating things like ‘You did it! You survived!’ that just calms me in the moment.”


If it isn’t on your calendar — what are the chances you’ll actually get it done? Slim to none, right?

That’s one of the reasons business coach and entrepreneur Lindsay Anvik swears by the newly-launched Journey. This live group meditation builds community and goes the extra mile to entice commitment with automatic calendar integrations. By allowing you to sign up for different meditations throughout the day, it mimics the same attitude of signing up for a workout class.

“I often forget to commit to this practice, but now I see almost every day I have meditation with Andrew at 10 a.m. Because of this, I am more apt to do it more often,” she continues. “It’s also live, and so there is so much power in knowing other people around the world are also connecting to these thoughts and meditating at the same time. You can interact with teachers live, which can be so helpful if you’re stuck or just getting started.”


Last but definitely not least, Headspace can’t be missed.

Arguably the original meditation app that ignited a trend, Allison Rapaport, the CEO of Every Mother discovered Headspace thanks to plenty of ads plastered around New York City. For her, it’s approachable, easy to navigate and most importantly, effective.

“I downloaded it and was able to immediately jump in and get started with my first couple of minutes. I then was able to build this into five minutes, then 10, and so on,” she continues. “The progression was very easy to make time for, and definitely helped force me to take a break and regroup for heightened creativity.”

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