A look at the affiliate marketing agency Acceleration Partners (and advice for getting hired there)

Acceleration Partners, the leading global affiliate marketing agency, has recently been named the Best Performance Marketing Agency and Industry Choice of Agency by the International Performance Marketing Association. Additionally, the company landed a spot on Forbes’ 2018 Small Giants list.

Acceleration Partners is also on Glassdoor’s list of Top Workplaces, a very interesting feat for a company that uses 100% remote working tactics. Find out all about this fast-paced agency, including how to score a job there.

Acceleration Partners fast facts

Size: 150+ employees

Industry: Marketing and Advertising

Locations: Remote from Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, or Southern California

“What’s unique about our company is that we operate in hubs,” said Robert Glazer, the founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners. “So 80% of our people we hire in hub cities. What we found is that people would actually like to get together for socialization. We want to be able to interview, our AP Summit is in one of those hubs, and twice a year our president will go visit all the hubs in one week.

“While it’s not a headquarters, it allows people to use flex office in that city and allows people to get together to do a social night or a charity event. We don’t just hire anywhere, we hire 80% to 90% of people in those six hubs.”

Founded: 2007

Founder and CEO: Robert Glazer

robert glazer
Courtesy Acceleration Partners

Mission: “We strive to be a high-value, transparent and performance-driven partner to our clients as well as change the work-life paradigm for our team members,” the company writes on its website.

Acceleration Partners Jobs

Acceleration Partners is currently hiring for 22 open positions, including a senior manager in the Resource And Staffing Solutions department to work remotely from Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, or Southern California. Find a full list of open roles on Ladders’ Acceleration Partners Jobs page.

How much do Acceleration Partners employees make?

The average salary for an Acceleration Partners employee is $100,769 per year. Ladders estimates are based on our calculations.

What the Acceleration Partners CEO Robert Glazer says it takes to get hired

When hiring new employees, Glazer says that Acceleration Partners examines a candidate based on four different categories. Glazer examines whether or not the candidate aligns with the company values, who they are as a person, whether or not they’re a fit for the company, and if they can do the work the company needs them to do.

“We’re always testing that attitude and value fit, and then aptitude.”

“We usually give them something to do in the interview process to really mimic the type of work they’ll be doing so that we can see if they like it and they can see how they do,” Glazer told Ladders.

A very important part of the Acceleration Partners interview process is whether or not the candidate can complete the given work within the allotted time frame.

This portion is especially important to Glazer because it gives him an incredibly good idea of whether or not a candidate will be able to complete the job well. If the person struggles with the task or timing, it’s a pretty good indication that they won’t be happy in that position.

Acceleration Partners has really stressed looking “between the interviews” over the years. Hiring managers take note of how quickly a candidate responded to an email and if they sent a thank you note after the meeting. Those things are very important to Glazer because they’re good indications of how the person will act as an employee.

Acceleration Partners Benefits and Perks


  • Medical, Dental, & Vision Benefits
  • Flexible Spending Accounts


  • Competitive Salaries
  • 401K / Roth Company Contributions
  • Vacation Incentive Bonus
  • Monetary Contributions Towards Hitting Personal Wellness Goals
  • Technology Reimbursements & Phone Allowances
  • Alternative Work Space Reimbursements
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Company Match on Charitable Donations
  • Employee Discounts
  • Life Insurance & Disability Insurance
  • Personal Financial Learning Workshops
  • Additional Metlife Insurance Discounts

Paid Time Off

  • Open PTO
  • Paid Time Off on Your Birthday
  • Paid Time Off to Volunteer
  • Maternity & Paternity Benefits

Additional Perks

  • Team Building & Company Events
  • Internal Training & Leadership Programs
  • Coaching & Mentoring Programs
  • Subsidized TSA/Global Entry Application Fees
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • 100% Remote Work

Acceleration Partners employee reviews 2019

Acceleration Partners has won multiple Glassdoor awards, landing a spot on the Best Places to Work list in both 2018 (#4) and 2019 (#23). Additionally, Glazer won himself the #2 spot Top CEO list for 2018 and the #39 spot in 2019 (#39).

Five-star reviews say that Acceleration Partners is “the BEST place to work.” The employee writes, “I have never worked at another company who genuinely cares for the well-being of their employees, both professionally and personally, as people beyond the employee. The work we do, while often demanding and challenging, is exciting and inspiring and pushes you to continue learning and growing.”

Out of 150 company reviews, 100% of the employees would recommend the company to a friend and 100% approve of the CEO.

A three-star review reveals that the quality of the job “depends on the team you’re assigned to.” Many of the reviews state that the environment is extremely fast-paced, which could be a con for some people, but is a positive aspect for many employees.

AP Summit

Working remotely can cause issues of companies feeling unaligned and unconnected. As a way to combat these challenges, Acceleration Partners holds a yearly summit in one of its hub cities.

Every year we fly in everyone from around the world and do a three to four day, really deep team-building summit,” Glazer said. “We have world-class speakers and get way outside of the normal workday so that people really get to know each other. It’s very much about personal development and growth.”

Friday Forward Newsletter

Back when Acceleration Partners consisted of 30 employees, Glazer began a weekly letter that he sent to each remote employee every Friday. The inspirational letter became a quick hit among employees, who would even pass it along to friends and family.

Four years later, the weekly note turned into a newsletter, on that anyone, not just employees, can sign up for.  And sign up people do. The newsletter reaches 100,000 people across 50 countries each week.

Acceleration Partners services rundown

Acceleration Partners breaks down their services into three categories: affiliate program management, global affiliate program management, and publisher development.

Affiliate program management

Acceleration Partners’s affiliate program management drives customer acquisition success across a variety of industries, including E-commerce & retail, consumer services, travel, B2B, and online marketplaces.

Global affiliate program management

For this service, Acceleration Partners helps customers identify how to best execute their global expansion. Between account management and publisher recruitment, Acceleration Partners helps identify best practices and relationships on a local scale.

Publisher development

According to the Acceleration Partners website, its emphasis on Performance Partnerships “is one of the reasons Acceleration Partners is the program management agency of choice for the world’s leading brands.”