Marie Kondo is coming for your workplace

What would Marie Kondo think of your workspace? How many unwashed mugs are on your desk? What about the barriers you and your coworkers have built to create privacy between open-office spaces out of old boxes, file folders, and reams of printer paper? Do you at least have a red, shiny Swingline stapler that sparks joy?

Decluttering and intentional-living queen Marie Kondo is coming for the American office, having already conquered our homes with her two books and her recent Netflix show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.”

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Her next book, she told, will be called “Joy at Work.” It will have tips for getting both your digital and physical workspace under control. And yes, she has advice about how to live sanely within an open office:

“When there’s not much separation between desks, it is important to keep as few items on top of the desks as possible. Only put the essentials on your desk. For most people, that includes a laptop, keyboard, mousepad, and a few spark joy items such as a framed photo of loved ones or a potted plant. Simplifying the desk and utilizing the drawers as much as possible is very important.”

Kondo goes on to say that there are many things you can’t control in office life – temperature and noise come to mind – but you can always change and control  your desk. Let that be your inspiration for tidying up.

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