Making these changes 6 small changes in your home will supercharge your productivity

This year sure has given us our fair share of uncomfortable environments to deal with, and by now, most of us have gotten working from home down pat. But what about taking it to the next level? How do you excel at working from home? 

It’s easy to fall into a rut while working from home – you’re wearing the same pajamas and slippers every day, you have no commute to complain about, and you take all of your meetings in the same spot. So how do you change things up and stay not just busy, but proactive and productive? Here are a few tips that might help mix things up a bit. 

Reorganize your space

No better time than the present to redecorate and declutter! A messy workspace is never good, so keep things as organized as possible. We started quarantine in March and we’re halfway through June – it’s literally changed seasons – might as well give your home office some decor to reflect that as well. Even something simple like bright, colored notepads and a pair of funky sunglasses on your desk can brighten up your mood. Adding some summery photos of your last vacation will also trigger your brain to think of brighter days, literally. 

Hang inspirational wall art

Grab some pleasing prints on Etsy or Amazon, and give your self-esteem a boost. Nothing says you can do it like a sign that literally says “You Can Do It”. Studies have shown that wall art in an office space can help boost productivity and overall happiness in employees.

Don’t sit in the dark

If you have natural light, USE IT. Vitamin D in sunlight is essential to our mental health, with proven effects on regulating moods and warding off depression. Getting some light in your space will get your mind right before settling into work. If you’re in a windowless space, hang a mirror to create depth and act as a “window” to bounce more light into the room. If all else fails, get out for a brisk walk!

Tap into creativity and focus with some scents

The olfactory bulbs are connected to the parts of our brain that process emotion, hence when you smell something and it automatically transports you to a place or reminds you of someone. An essential oil diffuser or candle can set the mood nicely for productivity. Rosemary can heighten memory retention, as well as fight off exhaustion. Peppermint is known to energize and promote concentration, and citrus scents like lemon can calm anxiety as well as spark creativity. 

Add some greens

We’re not talking about salads! Adding a plant or two to your workspace is not only visually pleasing, but it breathes freshness into any space by oxygenating the air around it. Studies have shown that having a plant in the office can boost productivity by up to 15%. 

Make an accent wall

Colors have a profound effect on our moods, even though we don’t realize it most of the time. Blue is a popular accent wall color for a workspace, said to stimulate the mind and increase focus. If you don’t have an entire wall to paint, or don’t want to commit to that, try a DIY version that’s also reversible: pick up a large MDF board and paint it, then hang on the wall as you would a painting. You can also hang colored curtains, or frame large pieces of fabric to create a similar effect.