Make Them Want You

Ways to show a company your value and compel them to bring you onboard

As I coach clients across the country, I’m always impressed by their caliber of accomplishments. It’s amazing to see some of the feats they’ve realized. Having said this, it’s important for candidates to remember the value that they bring to a prospective company, and sell their worth. Pitching your offering, however, requires a great deal of tact and finesse.

The points below are simple, but will serve you well as you identify your career options moving ahead. Remember: You might be unemployed, but you are never without a job! During your term of transition, your job is to create a brand for yourself that gets attention, and ultimately puts you back into the ranks of the employed.

1. Who is thankful that you do your job?

Review your resume at least once a day, and remind yourself of the skills you have.

I once worked with a candidate who saw himself as a simple security manager at the airport, and his demeanor was somewhat muted when he talked about his job. It wasn’t until he and I talked that it became clear to him that his background was really very impressive.

Here’s an abbreviated snapshot:

He was responsible for managing more than 400 security agents, on a 24/7/365 basis, during a time when multimillion- dollar X -ray equipment was being installed to ensure rider safety and maintain flight schedules for nine airports, a few of which were i nternational hubs!

As he and I were talking at a local coffee shop, I actually stopped a patron who was leaving and introduced myself, and this candidate. When I made the introduction of the candidate and shared his background, the patron shook the candidate’s hand and thanked him for keeping the airports and the flights safe for him and his family.

The candidate never realized the impact his job had until he experienced this encounter, and it totally changed the way that he saw his position and experience. Don’t let negativity restrain your from moving towards your success!

2. What academic course would you teach? What’s your specialty?

Never identify yourself as someone looking for a “job.” Be a supply-chain expert or media relations executive who wants to talk about the market. In doing so, you gain credibility in the way that you present yourself.

You need to be able to identify yourself as a “specialist” or “subject-matter expert” in order to demonstrate value to your target audience. Step One is having evidence-based experience, which is much more impressive than making claims. Develop a blog or a Web site, and use this as a way to “own a piece of the Web” to increase your visibility.

I talked with a senior-level executive who has a very impressive background with some recognizable employers. One of his biggest challenges wa s overcoming the difficulty representing his accomplishments in a meaningful way. Those accomplishments would ha ve a much greater influence if he were able to direct them to a Web site where the accomplishments w ere represented in an evidentiary way. This format makes an indelible impression upon most people and will serve as a point of reference moving forward.

3. What solution do you provide?

You have an impressive background, but the problem is that nobody knows it! Simply stated, companies create tasks for jobs that need to be completed, in order to deliver products to the consumer and bring revenue to the company. Just because a specific job isn’t listed on the company Web site, doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t have a need for that task to be completed.

If you can’t find the job of your dreams, you need to create the opportunity for a prospective company to visualize you as a “solution provider,” capable of delivering results, on time and within budget, which will usually result in an award for the business.

In this competitive and saturated market, it’s important for you to represent yourself in a way that is memorable and unique. You must take immediate steps to raise the bar of excellence so you never have to worry about the bar that someone else will set ahead of you. Following this tactical plan and being able to think outside the box will prove instrumental in building your confidence, enhancing your morale and leaving an impression with your prospective employer that they will not soon forget.

Go get ’em!