Being lucky, persistent and pushy: Musings from the entrepreneurial journey

On being lucky

I shake my head when people say the job market or their career success comes down to “luck.”

As in, some people get the breaks and others don’t.


“Some people” know how to prove their value and others don’t.

How do you demonstrate your worth? Quantify your success through relevant stats/metrics and share stories of how you overcome obstacles.

Then, you don’t need luck. The deck is already stacked in your favor.

On being persistent

Good things come to those who:

A) Wait

B) Hustle

C) Persevere

D) All of the above

Obviously, it’s “D.” But the answer is easier said than done. I mean, if it was so simple to achieve major career milestones, wouldn’t everyone have them?

The big moments take time (Wait), non-stop effort (Hustle) and dedication no matter the odds (Persevere).

I’m not big on multiple-choice tests, but this is one question where the answer is clear.

On being pushy

Never apologize for looking out for your own career.

If other people think you’re “pushy,” so be it. No one — and I mean no one — will fight for you as hard as you’ll fight for yourself.

Bosses, business partners and others you deal with generally have good intentions, but they are focused on their own bottom line — as they should be.

Make people remember you provide a special kind of value they can’t find anywhere else.

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