Learning Ladders: What are the top 5 job search tools free with Ladders?

Ladders job search tools make getting the most out of your job search super simple:

 Image of website showing Ladders' job search tools navigational bar.
Need to know how to get ahead in your $100K+ career? Easy.

And they’re free!

So take a look at the complementary job search tools we offer to high-end professionals like you.

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The simple way to say it meets the simple way to do it at Ladders.

Top 5 $100K+ Job Search Tools Free From Ladders

Job Search Tool #1 – Industry Specific Resume Examples

This in-depth version of the classic Ladders resume offers no less than 73 industry-specific, editable, free example resumes.

So choose the one that fits, then download it and rewrite it as your own. Completely free. And very simple.

A Ladders job search tool image: Downloadable, editable, industry-specific resumes.
An example of editable resumes within one expert role on Ladders.

Job Search Tool #2 – Your Resume Review

Time is money, so knowing if your work history actually needs work is important.

That’s why we bring our expertise in the tech world to the table and offer a full resume review in 35 seconds or less.

And all you do is upload your resume, view the results, and decide if you could use one of the other resources above!

Image of the three steps to a free resume review. One of Ladders' free job search tools.
A free resume review to help prepare you for your next successful career move.

Job Search Tool #3 – Job Salaries Info

View jobs by title and role with full salary details, including average pay, top salaries by location, related jobs and more.

This free research tool is broken down into simple categories:

  • popular job salaries
  • high-paying job salaries
  • job salaries by role
Image of one of Ladders' free job search tools showing popular job salaries.
A sample of popular job salaries to help bring your dream job closer through Ladders.

Job Search Tool #4 – In-depth Company Search

See and search companies, view job openings and see salary ranges, average salaries and even employee pictures and details.

Then upload your contacts on Ladders and see who could refer you for an open position, and make that dream job happen.

Image example of one of Ladders' free job search tools featuring companies, key jobs and contacts info.
Featured companies showing openings, salaries, employees and more.

Job Search Tool #5 – Research

Job search is simple once you realize your first impression is made by your resume.

Then set about creating one, crafted to the needs of recruiters in the surprising time-frame given. (See below!)

Ensuring your efforts are based on (Ladders) expertise, sharpened over 15 years of experience and success.

So let’s see an example of one ongoing resource Ladders is renowned for:

Research: Ladders’ resume eye-tracking study.

Image showing 7.4 seconds. The time recruiters spend looking at a resume, showing research as a job search tool.
Ladders resume eye-tracking study found amazing results.

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