Lack of sleep can lead you to eat a lot more the next day

Is sleep not a priority for you these days? Hey, you’ll sleep when your dead. Well you may want to rethink that philosophy because not getting enough sleep regularly is messing with your metabolism.

Samantha Cassetty, RD, the chief nutrition officer for magnesium brand OMG! Nutrition, told PureWow that sleep is intrinsically linked to your metabolism. “If you sustain poor sleep habits over time, it ups the chance of weight problems and other health concerns,” she said. Even one night of less sleep can take a toll on your hormones and appetite.  That’s right. Because you stayed up to make sure you were caught up on Billions that one night, you now are going to eat your weight in cookie dough.

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No sleep bingeing?

David Brodner, told INSIDER, “One hormone is called ghrelin, which increases if we don’t get enough sleep. And it has effects where it makes people hungrier so they eat more. They have this effect where they’re hungrier for bad food like high fat and sugar content — like the munchies. And it also has an effect on the actual fat cells, so you will store more fat.”

One study found that if you only get four hours of sleep five nights in a row your metabolic rate will actually slow down by 3% which means you will burn 42 less calories that day. Then as a result of your lack of sleep you will eat more and because you are tired it will probably be of the Taco Bell variety and not the carrots and grapes variety.  Andrea Spaeth, Ph.D., a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, conducted a study that found that people will eat 500 calories extra after nights of bad sleep because of hormone fluctuations. In other words you need to sleep more because if you don’t you may eat an entire can of icing tonight.

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