Jump-Start Your Job Search

While a lucky few may land a new job opportunity with minimal effort, the majority of job seekers will need to work hard to take the next step in their careers. Not sure where to start? The following steps will serve as foundation to begin your search.

Would you hire yourself based on your current resume?

Thoroughly review your resumejumpstart with that question in mind. Your resume may require a quick update or a complete overhaul. Either way, make sure your resume effectively highlights your strengths and shows what a catch you are.

Clean up your digital dirt.

Interviewers can find information about candidates through social networking profiles, blog comments and personal websites. Remove any questionable material from the web that may hinder potential employment opportunities.

Utilize social and professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Ning and Doostang to build your online presence. Post your resume to your profile when applicable, search for openings, research companies and get introduced to potential employers.

Tap into your network.

Reach out to friends, relatives, old coworkers and classmates, and ask for help on your job search. Let them know that you are actively looking for a new opportunity and ask them if they know of any openings or have suggestions of places you should apply to.

Review job listings that align with your interests.

Apply only for jobs that are a match based on your level of experience, expertise and career goals.

Get organized.

Whenever you apply to a position, send an email inquiring about a job or reach out to someone in your network out, write it down. Creating a list, saving emails or building a spreadsheet will serve as quick reference guide throughout your job search.

Are you ready to get started? Combine these tips to launch an effective your job search, attract an employer and show them why they should hire you!