Jobs are the top reason people move and this city is where most of them are heading

There are many different factors that influence a move. For some, pursing education across the country might be the main driver, while others pick up everything to be closer to family. But for most people, it’s because they’ve found a new job.

A new survey by Hire A Helper found that the most popular motive for people’s most recent move was because they found a new job. Thirty percent of the nearly 1,000 respondents said it was due to work, whether it was forced relocation or switching industries for a new opportunity.

Who is moving?

Millennials were the main driving force behind the new-job relocation movement, with more than 40% reporting they relocated due to a new offer.

Other generations reported differently. More than 25% of Baby Boomers said they moved for a fresh start, while 30% of Generation Xers also moved for the same reason.

The top city for relocation was Phoenix, AZ, according to the survey, with more than 62,000 people making it their new home in 2018.

How jobs help with a move

More than half of respondents said their companies did not offer financial assistance during their move, which affected their willingness to accept a new job.

Thirty-five percent of respondents said financial assistance had a moderate effect on saying yes to a new opportunity, while the majority — 38% — said it was only a minor issue. However, 16% said it had a major effect on their decision process.


As for what companies are covering, movers and moving trucks were the most popular resource, according to more than half of respondents. Fifty-five percent said their job put them up in a hotel or temporary housing while they got themselves permanently situated, while others said their companies even helped with the home buying and selling responsibilities of a move.