Job Tips for the Recent College Graduate

Whether you will graduate this semester or have been looking for a job since last May, incorporate these five tips into your job-search strategy so you’ll be on the right track.

Perfect your personal brand

Invest in a professional resume that’s designed to highlight your relevant skills and make it past the electronic gatekeepers.  Clean up your online presence by increasing the security settings on any profile dedicated for personal use, and updating or building out your professional profiles to align with your college resume.

Harness the power of 3

Use multiple methods to uncover job leads – both published and hidden. This includes applying to online job postings, utilizing your personal and professional network, and reaching out to relevant recruiters.

Nurture your network

You are 10 times more likely to land an interview when you have an employee referral with your application. Expand your network by joining and actively participating in online and face-to-face groups related to your target industry and line of work. This will also help you uncover potential job opportunities.

Master the informational interview

As your network grows, seek out professionals who work in your targeted industry or company and take them out for a cup of coffee to pick their brain. The more you learn about the industry and its hiring practices, the better prepared you will be for the job search.

Fill in the gaps

If you’re unemployed and looking for work, consider seeking out volunteer or internship opportunities where you can use your degree and gain relevant experience in your desired field. This will help you build your resume, grow your network, and it may lead to more permanent work.