Job Search Tips from Job Central

Tips to approach your job search with a mobile-first lens.

Amanda Augustine Job Central

As many of you know, I normally provide job-search advice through my weekly column on The Career Chronicles, and on Twitter and Facebook. So it’s always a great privilege when I get the chance meet professionals and answer their questions in person.

Thank you to everyone who braved the crowds and made it into Job Central. For those who were unable to get in or may have missed one of the presentations, please visit to gain access to the presentation materials.

I’ve also included a few key takeaways from my presentations – hyperlinked with relevant articles – to help you find that right job, sooner:

  • As a job seeker, you are in the business of marketing a product: yourself. Clarify your job goals, and then build a personal branding campaign around them. Craft a resume that not only impresses the hiring manager, but is sure to make it past the electronic gatekeeper.
  • Clean up your online presence and utilize social media to build an online brand that supports your job goals by highlighting your relevant work experience, skill sets, accomplishments and professional memberships.
  • Don’t rely on any one way to find job leads. Recruiters are only one of many sources you can use to learn about jobs. Try utilizing social media channels, online job boards and your network to discover both published and hidden opportunities in the market.
  • Take advantage of every opportunity you have to network. Whether you’re waiting in line to order a Starbucks or you’re in a plane stuck on the tarmac, strike up a conversation with the person next to you. That stranger could be a valuable resource for your search.
  • Interviewing is a three-step process. How you prepare and what you do afterwards is just as important as what happens when you’re sitting in the interview room pitching your skills.
  • With all the advances in technology, the recruiting process has become more mobile. Always approach your search with a mobile-first lens to find the most leads and stay ahead of the competition. I wish each and every one of you the best of luck with your search and look forward to providing you with more job-search tips each week!