Turns out upping your step count everyday can benefit this very important part of your life

The secret to a good night’s sleep might be getting some steps in during the day.

We’ve covered sleep extensively here at Ladders offering tips from how to fall back asleep after waking up too early to how taking a hot bath from one to two hours before bed might help you fall asleep faster. But can improving your activity level with low-impact activities like walking affect sleep for adults?

For people that struggle with sleep, previous studies have suggested that exercise is a good trick for more shut-eye, but a new study published in the journal Sleep Health wanted to find out if activities can benefit people who already have decent sleep patterns.

Researchers had adults who averaged around seven hours of sleep per night divided into two groups where both groups wore Fitbits to track their step counts. The participants were assigned to a group that seeks to increase their step count by at least 2,000 steps per day and a group that didn’t have that objective.

The four-week study compared steps and activity measures by asking the 59 male and female participants to provide sleep quality and duration reports daily.

When comparing both groups, researchers determined that both men’s and women’s sleep patterns benefited from more activity. The more walking someone does in a day improved both sleep quality and duration. Researchers also said on days participants were more active, they had better sleep quality and duration.

Between sexes, women who were more active reported having better sleep quality.