If you’re over 60, you might want to move to one of these states

SeniorList observed five key statistics to determine which state is the safest for the elderly. The factors that informed their list include: injury-related deaths, monthly housing costs, percentage living in poverty, the amount of people living alone as compared to the state population, and the number of fraud cases. The data comes courtesy of the most recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Based on these stipulations, Iowa was determined to be the most ideal residence for seniors.

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The challenges seniors currently face

There are roughly 50 million people over the age of 65 living in America. The greater margin of which are increasingly filing for bankruptcy.

This is due to the simple fact that people are living longer. When you combine the record number of senior citizens falling prey to fraud and the recent recession you have elderly Americans very ill-equipped to hack it in today’s economic landscape.

Violence toward old people is also experiencing a curious surge. A global systematic review published in 2017 states 1 out of every 6 senior citizens is subject to physical or emotional abuse. Hannah Bows, Assistant Professor in Criminal Law at Durham University believes ageist preconceptions cause many of these incidences of violence to go overlooked by law enforcement and key agencies.

Why Iowa?

Last year Iowa ranked first on U.S News and World Report’s list of best states. Their list of qualifying factors includes: Health care (Iowa got 3rd), Infrastructure (1st), Opportunity (4th), Education (5th) quality of life (9th), crime (15th), economy (17th) and fiscal stability (17th).

Additionally, and more relevantly Iowa has the lowest incidents of injury-related deaths, reported fraud cases and poverty of any other state.

KHQA recently sat down with Susan Grant, an administrator at Iowa’s Mississippi Valley Healthcare in Keokuk where she passionately revealed the safety and comfort of the institution’s residents is be an absolute priority.

“To assure that the resident is able to function at their highest level of ability safety. We’ve had no major accidents this year. No major incidents. We investigate things thoroughly, look for opportunities to improve because if something happens once, we don’t want it to happen twice,”

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