If you wear this kind of top on your Zoom call, it could ruin your career

Though the colors pink and red are all the rage right now on the internet, especially TikTok, it is a bold combination that not everyone can pull off. And for a Zoom call, bright colors can be a bit overwhelming. But wearing a bright color is nowhere near as complicated as trying to wear a pattern.

According to a recent Quantified Communications survey of 465 men and women, participants were asked to rate the colors and styles of people on video calls. They were asked which colors and clothing type made the person speaking appear authentic, trustworthy, and creative.

Turns out, if you are trying to look like an expert stay away from patterns. Only 8% of those surveyed said people wearing patterns came off as experts. That is a surefire way to ruin a job interview or try to run a meeting. If you want people to take you seriously, neutral colors are the way to go as 74% thought they commanded respect. Bright colors only came in at 18%.

This is why when people have to appear in court they are encouraged to wear neutral colors or conservative colors such as white, blue, navy, and gray.

However, if you are trying to come off as creative patterns are the way to go. They beat bright colors and neutrals by a smidge with 34% compared to 33%.

But in the era of Zoom calls you also have to be aware of your background in addition to your clothing ensemble. Though you may be the queen or king of funny backgrounds, you need to show the actual room if you have an interview.

Over 60% of those surveyed said showing the actual room makes you appear more authentic and over 70% said it comes off as trustworthy. And yes, a little bit over 50% said it also makes you appear to be an expert so it’s a good tip if you are trying to get promoted or run a meeting also.

Just make sure whatever room you are in is clean and doesn’t have a naked person walking around in it. Or even worse, a person wearing a pattern.