If you want to look younger, wear this color

People spend millions of dollars each year on trying to stop the aging process from extreme exercise and diets to plastic surgery to whatever miracle combination of oat milk and syrup Gwyneth Paltrow charges $2,400 for but sometimes it can be so simple.

Research has shown that there are certain colors that can make people look years younger.

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Embrace the bright side

One of the main colors that has been proven to shave years off is red-violet. Though blush pink or Millennial pink is always a favorite, this deeper hue will do more women of a certain age (namely over the age of 40.) President and chief color maven of Sensational Color Kate Smith says you want to aim for somewhere in the fuschia-to-raspberry range. Some recent examples of women who nailed this are Jane Fonda and Tracee Ellis Ross.

Another bright color to opt for is turquoise as it goes with any skin tone (see Jennifer Lopez here.) Helen Venables, managing director of color analysis and styling service House of Colour, told The Telegraph in an interview, “Young people have clear skin, obviously it’s smooth and there are no wrinkles. There is also contrast, usually, between hair, eye, and lip color. And as we get older, all of that fades.”

“Eye color gets softer, skin gets thinner and capillaries and blemishes are easier to see, elasticity goes in the skin and hair gets lighter. So that contrast disappears,” she continues. “Your face, hair, eyes, and skin are a collection of colors, and because of the way one color affects the way a color sitting next to it looks – which is why you’ll often hear of ‘complimentary colors’ – wearing the right colors – and recreating that contrast – can smooth out blemishes. Wrinkles can literally appear to disappear.”

Don’t go back in black

As for what to stay away from? Well, literally you need to stay away from the dark side. ‘It’s not a color, and it absorbs light, which is the reason it pulls away from people’s faces. Generally, it’s a good one to avoid as we get older,” said Venables in the same interview. Black can actually make you look like you have more wrinkles. Colorist Jules Standish says: “The majority of British women will not look young and healthy with black against their faces,” she told Marie Claire.

Of course, black is a staple in many people’s wardrobes, especially their professional ones so what you can do is opt for slightly different shades of black like charcoal or navy, Smith said. She calls it the new black. You can also wear black and then add a pop of color with a bright scarf or statement necklace.

And the same approach works for white. Don’t go straight white but adopt a slightly different variation such as cream or eggshell. After all, Michelle Obama rocks a mean cream.

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