If you sleep on this side of the bed, it says a lot about your personality

Lately, there seems to be no end of the commentary on the philosophy of sleep.

This year, we learned that millennial women take their dreams more seriously than any other demographic, night owls tend to believe in ghosts more often than early birds, and people that sleep on their backs wake up feeling more motivated than those that sleep on their stomachs.

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Joining the pile of oddly specific slumber science is a massive new survey conducted by Onepoll on behalf of Slumber Cloud. In their review of 2,000 employed Americans, researchers discovered that people that sleep on the left side of the bed veer towards beer and drama films, while people that sleep on the right side of the bed, love wine and a good action flick.

The right choice

Even though right-siders and left-siders, were consistently linked to certain habits and preferences, there were five primary factors that were found to determine why respondents chose to sleep on the same side of their beds every night.

  • 41% of participants said that they clung to their respective sides of the bed because it’s actually easier for them to get out of bed from that side
  • 31% of respondents said that they slept on the side that they did so because their romantic partner preferred the other side
  • Over 30% of Americans said they slept where they did because it was closer to the nightstand
  • An additional 25% of surveyees said that the side they slept on gave them a better view of the TV
  • The remaining 18% said they liked sleeping against a wall

How much do internal factors influence the side of the bed we choose to sleep on?

Ultimately, people that slept on the life side of the bed, consider themselves to be more “left-brained” and vice versa. As previously stated, left siders enjoy dramatic movies, beer, and oldies music in addition to being more liberal politically. Right side sleepers, prefer wine over beer, like action movies and rock music, and leaned right politically more times than not.

Both left side sleepers and right side sleepers agreed that not getting enough rest resulted in a noticeably hindered day. Fifty-five percent of Americans say they feel a lot more antisocial after a bad night of sleep. The average respondents said they hit the snooze button on their alarm clocks, at least twice every morning.

The median amount of sleep that Americans surveyed in the new OnePoll reported was six hours and 22 minutes, though as many as one in four respondents said they only receive around four or five hours a night. These sleep-deprived Americans reported making around two errors at work a day, with 27% saying they do even more than that.

“Eliminate feeling like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed by making sure you are getting quality sleep,” added Katie Mellott of Slumber Cloud. “Common reasons for not getting the right sleep are waking up hot throughout the night and too many distractions in the bedroom. Make sure your bed is as comfortable as possible no matter the spot with these three tips: Choose the pillow with the right firmness for your sleeping position. Utilize Slumber Cloud temperature regulating bedding that keeps you at a comfortable degree throughout the entire night. Select sheets with a lower thread count to provide more breathability and not trap heat,“ concluded Mellot.


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