I listened to Mario Kart at work and it doubled my productivity

I’m a terrible multitasker, to the point where I can’t type an email while listening in on a work call. Either I won’t catch anything said on the call, or the email will be a jumble of words that don’t make any sense. 

Knowing this weakness, I typically work in silence – without the TV on, music playing, or my phone anywhere near me to minimize distractions. 

But when I saw the trend of people listening to a playlist full of songs from Mario Kart, a video game that was popular back when I was a kid, while working, I was intrigued. College students claimed that this playlist of songs helped them study, complete homework, and even clean their rooms at record speeds.

So I decided to use this playlist on an incredibly busy Monday to see whether or not it would help me get through everything in record time. Here’s what my workday with the Mario Kart playlist looked like.

8 am 

On mornings where I know I have a lot of work ahead of me, I opt for the 7 Minute Workout – an app I have on my phone with no music, just a robotic voice yelling out commands.

I decided to use the Mario Kart playlist as music for this workout, and it was a total game-changer. My mood drastically improved for starters – hearing the nostalgic, fast-paced title theme song made me feel young and energetic, which made my workout a breeze.

8:45 am

After a quick shower and breakfast, I logged on for the day and let the Mario Kart playlist continue to play.

I answered emails while listening to “Koopa Cape,” a fast-paced, high-pitched song that I found myself typing to the pace of while bobbing my head as I cleared my inbox in record time. 

9:30 am

I needed to develop a few creative ideas for a client – something I’d typically procrastinate doing by pacing around my apartment for a while before finally settling in.

But not today. Ideas came easily as I cruised along to the song “Airship Fortress,” another upbeat high pitched melody. 

12 pm

I made a quick lunch, then sat back down at my desk to check more emails. I decided on “Mario Kart 8, Cheese Land” since the sandwich I’d assembled had two Swiss slices on it.

At this point, I realized this list wasn’t just setting the pace for how fast I was working, but how quickly I was doing anything, including eating. My sandwich was gone in what seemed like a few bites. I even checked to see if my cat might have swiped the last of it, but no – it was all me. 

3 pm

A few meetings later, it was time to complete some editing work. I skipped down to the “Mario Kart 64 Theme Song,” which starts slow but picks up later.

The song set the pace for the work I was doing, and as the rest of the playlist continued with similarly arranged pieces, I realized I’d worked for almost two straight hours without taking a break.

While playing Mario Kart back in the day, this used to happen to me – hours would go by in a blink. Maybe there was always something to these songs that kept our attention, and I was finally learning how to use that power now?

5 pm

My Monday workday rarely ends before 6 pm. After checking and double-checking the tasks I had to complete that day, I was able to log off an entire hour earlier than I had been in months.

What did I do with that extra hour, you’re wondering? I finally caught up on laundry – folding everything to the fast beat of “Tick Tock Clock,” which I highly recommend if you’re someone who procrastinates folding your clean clothes. 

Can a playlist transform your productivity? It did for me. If you’re open to trying something new, I recommend giving this playlist a listen on your busiest workday to see if it works for you too.