How Will the Volatile Economy Affect My Job Search?

Does watching the stock market feel a bit like being in an unstable relationship? In the last few years, Wall Street has felt more like roller coaster track than any street I’d like to live on.

So what is exactly is going on with the stock market?

USA Today‘s Adam Shell gives us 7 Reasons the Stock Market is So Volatile, including

1. Fear

“Fear is driving much of the selling, mainly fear of more substantial losses to come,” says Todd Harrison, author of The Other Side of Wall Street.

2. Uncertainty about the banking situation in Europe.

3 . Lack of faith in Washington

“After the debt-ceiling debacle in Washington and the inability of lawmakers to come up with solutions to the nation’s debt problems, investors have lost faith in the ability of leaders to lead,” writes Shell.

These are just some of the reasons that this past week has been an economical roller coaster. Read the rest of Adam Shell’s USA Today article for the complete list.

How Does the Economy Affect My Job Search?

stock market crash 300x262While we can’t say for sure – it all depends on what your industry is — salary negotiation expert Jack Chapman advises in his column on Ladders Career Advice section ” You’re not negotiating with the economy, you’re dealing with a hiring decision maker who needs you.”

And while it certainly is a different world this decade, if you’ve made it to the salary negotiation part of the interview process you hold the bargaining chip. You!

While the stock market might be all over the place right now, your job search and salary negotiation can still stay steady.