How to tell a recruiter you’re interested in a job

The template below is an excerpt from Danny Rubin’s award-winning book, Wait, How Do I Write This Email?

If you want to capture the attention of a recruiter for a particular job, send a strong introductory email and make a great first impression.

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Subject line: Interested in the position of [job title} at [name of company]

Hi Mr./Ms. ______ [be formal with a recruiter],

I’m reaching out because I saw the posting for [job title] at [name of company]. After I researched the position and company, I feel I would be a great fit for the opportunity.

I believe I have the required skills and would mesh well with the culture at [name of company]. In particular, I like how the company [something notable from the website, news or a line from the mission statement; for instance, “believes in leveraging new technology to help people live healthier lives”].

[Then, give an example of why you have the proper skills and, if possible, why you’re a good cultural fit; for instance, “I’m proficient with JavaScript and HTML5, and I also have experience working with virtual teams, as I know that’s an important part of how the company operates.”]

NOTE: If the job description lists required skills and experience you don’t have, you will gain credibility by addressing them; for instance, “I noted the job description also requires experience implementing Acme’s Business Intelligence tool. While I do not have that direct experience, I was selected to lead the implementation of an enterprise-wide database and was able to keep the project on time and under budget.”

I have attached my resume to this email. I’d also be happy to provide a cover letter if additional information would be helpful. Finally, I’m open to your feedback on my candidacy and overall portfolio.

NOTE: Ask for feedback because it allows the recruiter to engage in a dialogue with you, which may help to build trust and deepen your relationship.

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you.

– Your first and last name

Email signature

Deeper Insight

With the introductory email to a recruiter, you need to explain why you’re not only technically skilled but also someone who would be a solid teammate. A recruiter needs a person who can operate on both levels. Also, ask for feedback and be appreciative whether it’s positive or negative.

If the position requires relocation, indicate what draws you to the city. Recruiters often pay more attention to candidates from out of state who have a connection to the job location (ex: family ties).

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