How to plan a Jobbymoon: Recharge between major career moves

Jobbymoon is a term that has been bouncing around the internet for a few years now, but after a recent New York Times article profiled the trend, it’s been gaining popularity. A jobbymoon, similar to a honeymoon or babymoon, is a trip taken after another momentous occasion in life — a career change.

In the digital age when workers are always plugged in and stressed out, these trips are becoming increasingly prevalent. Jobbymoons are comparable to summer vacation as a child — in between school terms, you can enjoy R&R without a care in the world. It is rare in adult life that you have time to travel and unwind where no career-related stress is nagging in the back of your mind. If you are planning on making a career switch in the near future, how can you incorporate a jobbymoon into your itinerary?

Ask yourself — what do I want?

Take some time to meditate on what it is you would like to accomplish with your jobbymoon. Do you want a simple vacation away, without the dread of work upon your return? A celebration for this momentous step in your career path? A find-yourself-type journey with a specific personal goal/intention? Or even just some screen-free down time to rest and reset before you start a new job? Once you figure out what it is your body and mind is truly craving, you can get to planning!

How to schedule a jobbymoon

An important first step is setting up your schedule to accommodate your Jobbymoon. While it might be hard to actually allow yourself to take the time you need, do not feel guilty about it! A whopping 25% of Millennials leave PTO days unused because of the fear of ‘vacation-shaming’. If you’re jumping from one job to another, stretch your start date another week to accommodate for the time off. Unless there is an immediate need to start ASAP, employers are often understanding about time needed during the transition. If you’re nervous about asking, you could always tell your future boss that you had a trip planned during the next month, but don’t want to take time off during the onboarding process, and therefore will reschedule before your start date.

Working with your budget

Once you have the schedule set, it’s time for the not fun, yet necessary, task of consulting your budget to determine how much you can spend on your jobbymoon. Perhaps a travel vacation isn’t possible due to the lapse in salary while changing jobs. You can still take a week off to enjoy a staycation, away from the anxiety of having a boss to answer to. Another option — take a budget-friendly trip such as camping, visiting friends or family (bonus – free lodging), or a couple nights at a local bed and breakfast. Any type of trip and time away from everyday life (sans work email) will rejuvenate your spirit before starting the new gig!

Last-minute travel

When planning a jobbymoon, you may have a short window to make reservations. Once you accept a job offer, it’s standard to give your current company two weeks notice. If you stretch your start date out another week after that, you’re looking at a 2- to 3-week time frame to book. Fret not! You can still plan a great trip with a little flexibility. Sites like Airfarewatchdog scan last minute airline deals and promotions, you just need to be open to considering multiple destinations. Once you pull the trigger on a flight if you need quick lodging sites like HotelTonight offer competitive rates for unsold rooms. Or you can search Airbnb for homes that are available with instant book.

Island paradise on a time crunch

Maybe you can’t get halfway around the world to Bali or Hawaii, but you can still find your own island paradise a little closer to home. For east coast residents, islands like Bermuda or Jamaica are a short 2- to 3-hour plane ride from major cities. These destinations not only offer gorgeous beaches but fascinating historic sites to visit as well. When time and budget are limiting factors, think outside the box!

Off-the-grid digital detox

When you asked yourself what you wanted from your Jobbymoon if you answered ‘digital detox.’ You might want to find a place to seriously unplug and practice mindfulness. For our friends on the West Coast, you’re in luck! If you’re prepared to travel up north — we’re talking as far north in the US as you can go — then you can visit Ultima Thule Lodge in Alaska. It’s located in a 12-million acre national forest, only accessible by bush plane and the nearest road is 100 miles away. It goes without saying there’s no cell service or Wi-Fi, just vast and majestic nature.

If you’re looking for more of a zen experience, you can visit Golden Door Spa and Resort, located just outside San Diego. This paradise has been promoted as the place for those in transition. Guests can choose from multiple fitness classes, spa services, hiking, or spirituality workshops focused on acupuncture, hypnosis, meditation and more.

Lastly, if you want to travel south of the border, you can visit Rancho La Puerta Fitness Resort and Spa. This 3,000-acre Mexican resort, right over the US border, prohibits cell phones, has no TVs or computers and limited wifi access — just a strong focus on mind, body, and spiritual awareness.

Ready to plan your jobbymoon?

If you’re in the midst of a career pivot, consider taking time for yourself between jobs. The person that finishes a job on Friday and starts a new one Monday, is the same person who experiences serious burn-out. If you take the time to unplug and reset after leaving a company — especially a stressful position—you will find yourself rejuvenated and energized to start a new chapter in your career!

Richard Burrowes, Senior Director of Operations, Rose Hall Developments Ltd., studied hotel management in Vancouver and obtained a Bachelor of Commerce while working in AAA 4 and 5 Diamond hotel properties. The journey continued when he returned to his birthplace of Jamaica and began a career in the hospitality industry. This experience has allowed him to manage first-class resorts and people in Jamaica, St. Lucia and the Bahamas.