How to pack for a spring ski trip

Spring skiing is upon us, and many skiers know it’s prime time for a fun adventure. With warmer temperatures, end-of-season specials, and mountain closing parties, there’s never a better time to pack your bags and head to the mountains.

Whether you’re a die-hard skier or like skiing with the family, there’s a lot of gear required to hit the slopes. Plus, most travel routes to the mountains require at least one flight connection – increasing the odds of a delayed bag. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your ski destination without your favorite equipment. Winter travel conditions and the daunting task of packing that heavy load leaves just one question unanswered – what’s the best solution to traveling with ski gear?

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Frias Properties is based in Aspen, Colorado, and our own travel experiences, as well as our guests’ feedback, has taught us a thing or two about efficient ski travel. There’s an art to traveling with your ski or snowboard gear. A few pro tips for flying with skis or a snowboard can make all the difference.

A Few Pro Tips

Any seasoned skier or snowboarder will tell you that ski and snowboard boots should always be a carry-on. If you don’t have a boot bag, just connect the power straps and dangle the boots over your backpack – making them easy to carry and keeping your hands free.

If there’s room in your carry-on, add your gloves, goggles, and a ski attire. Even if your skis don’t make it, you can rent a pair, and enjoy your trip in the comfort of your own boots.

Airlines lose luggage all the time and starting your ski trip with lost gear can be disheartening. Not to worry – just about everything can be replaced at the mountain. But not a good pair of boots. It takes a long time to break in boots, and the only thing worse than losing a pair of perfectly comfortable ski boots is having to start over with a new pair.

As for the rest of your gear, two words: ski bag. Find a ski bag with rollers to pack your skis, poles, and additional clothing. Clothing is great padding to protect your skis or snowboard. And using your ski bag as a two-in-one will lower checked baggage fees and the number of bags you have to tote.

Now, grab your gear and hit the slopes!

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