How to Marie Kondo your workspace before summer

Earlier this year, Marie Kondo taught us to only surround ourselves with items that bring us joy. Well, is your space looking bare now? Same.

Add these office supplies, décor accents, and furniture pieces to your workspace to help you stay — and feel — productive this spring (and all year long).

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Because if we learned anything after putting the KonMari method into practice, it’s that marble lamps and colorful markers bring joy — and lots of it.

PSB M4U 8 Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

You’ve got your easy listening playlist ready on Spotify, now it’s time to bust out your noise-canceling headphones. Just because you opt for wireless headphones doesn’t mean you have to skimp on top-notch sound quality — and these ones from PSB are the best of both worlds. $399 at

psb headphones

OOLY Seriously Fine Felt Tip Markers

Keep your to-do lists in check — literally — with this set of 36 felt tip markers. Made especially with planners and bullet journals in mind, these markers come with a super fine tip — .7 mm — to ensure that you can dot your I’s and cross your T’s with ease. $14 at

seriously fine markers

MoDRN Glam Cylinder Marble Table Lamp

Illuminate your workspace in style with this Art Deco-inspired marble lamp. Because the easiest way to boost your mood is by adding some light to your space — natural or otherwise. $129 at

modrn lamp

Concrete Desk Planter

Whether real or fake, plants instantly add a dose of life to even the saddest, dullest cubicles. Fill this concrete planter with a few succulents — it’s your call! — and then keep it nearby so that you can use it as a pen holder or paperweight when needed. $30 at

concrete desk planter
Bespoke Post

Novo Restore Candle

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, breathe in the aroma of this candle — lemongrass, jasmine, and mandarin — for a sense of calm. If you really need some R&R, go for the double-wick option so that you can get 130 hours of burn time a.k.a. peace and quiet. $45-$60 at

novo candle
Vancouver Candle Co.

Coffee Tree Plantogram

This isn’t exactly the type of coffee that’s in your office coffee pot: Set in a 3-gallon container, this plant produces berries that change color from green to yellow to red. Once greenish-grey seeds develop, you can dry, roast, and grind ‘em at home to get a fresh brew. $70 at

Clean Air Plant

Not just a pretty statement, adding greenery to your space can also help you breathe — and work — better. This set of four plants, which includes peace lily, fern, snake plant, devil’s ivy, Parlor palm, or dieffenbachia, all purify the air naturally. $29 at

clean air plant

Just Tea & Me Gift Basket

Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or in need of an afternoon pick-me-up, tea is always the answer. This basket is packed with everything you need for tea time such as honey sticks, cookies, chocolate, and of course, tea. $33 at


Inspirational Quote Calendar

Hang this calendar somewhere visible so that you can get a dose of encouragement morning, noon, or night. Added bonus: This 12-month calendar also comes with 190 stickers for you to use in your accompanying planner. $10 at

quote calendar

Mercer41 Reilly Task Chair

No matter how prim and proper your workspace is, it won’t really feel it unless you’re actually — we mean, physically — comfortable. Sit back, relax, and get to work in this gorgeous upholstered desk chair that is just as chic as it is supportive. $180 at

mercer 41

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