How to make spring Mondays feel more like summer Fridays

As we inch closer and closer to summer, it’s getting even more challenging to say focused and on you’re a-game at work. Wouldn’t we rather be outside walking or catching some rays on the beach? Summer Fridays are the rewards that get us through the blistering heat of summer workweeks. But, why not make spring Mondays enticing?

Here are some expert seasons why spring Mondays can put more spring in your life.

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Start your week off focused

According to research, on Mondays people are most bored but also most focused. Mary Czerwinski, principal researcher and research manager at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington says that people are most bored at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., however, most people have two peak focus times: 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

“Knowing this, people should save work requiring higher engagement and challenge for later in the morning, at 11 a.m.,” she says. Following this late morning peak, make sure to step outside to get some fresh air to capitalize on your mental strength.

Keep your schedule going

By concentrating on this “focus time,” it’s more probable to get your work done on time, so you can leave on time to enjoy the lovely spring evenings. Research says it takes, on average, around 3 minutes before we are interrupted, and it takes, on average, around 20 minutes to get back on task.

“I recommend using Focus Assist on Windows 10 to turn off things such as notifications, sounds, and alerts to allow you to focus on tasks and catches you up when you’re finished,” Czerwinski says.

Take breaks to re-charge

Work days go faster and are more productive when you take breaks between meetings, calls or projects.

Whether it’s a 20-minute walk or a coffee break outside with a colleague, a break in work sets you on a more productive path. If your days go quicker, the workdays don’t drag.

Pace your workweek

Since Mondays are generally packed with work, plan your day with a slow start. Czerwinski suggests keeping your first meeting of the day to 20 minutes and take the last 10 minutes to meditate in a conference room. “You’ll feel calmer and more focused,” she continues.

Additionally, reviewing your day allows you to determine where you spent too much or too little time. MyAnalytics helps with that – it summarizes how you spent your time at work and suggests a way to work more efficiently.

Then when summer arrives, you can dart out early on those casual Friday afternoons!

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