How to make progress everyday and leave the worry behind

What does everyday progress even mean?

Every day progress is really about living your best life. Fluffy, right? Well, yeah. But that’s the 30,000-foot view. I think about this because recently, someone asked me how did I know I was ready to do the work that I love to do. I said,

“Because I’m proud of the life I live each day and I stick to my values and principles and try to do my best.”

You have to keep it simple. That’s how you make progress. That’s the magic for how you keep going with consistency each day. While I do believe in taking a day off here and there, there also shouldn’t be any “off days” in terms of making progress.

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Think of this in the context of always wanting to stick to your values, how you define success and how you want to make your mark on the world.

Seeing successful, happy and fulfilled people reminds me that there’s so much consistency to what they do. There’s progress each day. In how they love and treat their husband or wife.

How they love their children. Whether they’re legitimately becoming more mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically stronger and prepared to meet every new task and challenge in front of them.

That’s beautiful stuff. It takes foresight, self-awareness and a mindset of a winner.

And let’s be honest- it takes sacrifice. Often times, when we keep focusing on the things that it takes to be the best in what we do, we recognize that we sacrifice in other areas. And the truth is, while we know in our heart that giving up these “lesser options” is the right thing to do, that doesn’t make it easy.

There are temptations to give in. To compromise our values or simply our daily routine or list of things to do. Please know, sometimes repeating mistakes of the past happens.

Doing the wrong thing, while knowing you’re doing the wrong thing isn’t good. But it shouldn’t mean that you blame yourself and put yourself in some personal prison. All the self-condemnation in the world will do you no good.

We’re human. As a friend once told me, “Give yourself some grace.”

We’re going to screw up and part of progress- yes, for real- is actually growing and picking yourself up from the space of adversity and stumbles.

So much of everyday consistency and progress for me is tied to having a plan. Having big goals, wanting big results and following the process to get there. This “process” is what I help coaching clients with every day. This is where the real battle for progress is won.

I also encourage everyone to follow your intuition. Follow your heart. It has this unbelievable knack of letting you know what it really means to do what’s right FOR YOU. Listen to that voice inside of you and trust yourself.

When you’re living a good life, your intuition and your heart will tell you. It’s what I’ve used as my guide. I can literally feel emotionally and physically when I’m about to do something wrong. I know it. Maybe you know the same feeling.

Make progress every day by following a simple path. Don’t put too many things on your plate — yes that includes both tasks and worries! Keep things as simple as possible. Use positive affirmations and visualization to see yourself achieving and accomplishing what you want to do.

The Wins will pile up for you and you’ll feel the grace of knowing you’re doing the right thing.

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