How to incorporate more fun into your life

With apologies to Rihanna, have you found that your life revolves around work, work, work, work, work, work, with precious little time for anything else? Many of us do, and with winter rapidly approaching, it’s all too easy to fall into a pattern of work followed by hibernation and avoidance of anything not having to do with the office. If you’re trying to figure out how to add some fun to your day—or career—you’re not alone.

Earlier this year the NY Post reported on a study conducted by Bowlero which revealed that “adults still struggle to have fun on a regular basis, and more than one in five respondents found 2018 less fun than the previous three years. Stress levels also play a role in the fun drought — a majority (49 percent) of adults found 2018 more stressful than 2017, and approximately 30% of the average day is stressful.” Read on for ways to alleviate your own fun drought.

Build in the fun

In late October I went to Las Vegas for a conference about Alaska travel and tourism. Having recently returned from my first trip to Alaska, I knew it would be interesting; what I didn’t anticipate was just how much fun it would be. Sure, there was extensive and exhausting networking and meetings, but there was also axe throwing. If you’ve watched the viral videos of Jason Momoa casually tossing an axe at a bullseye, you get the general idea.

In this case, two representatives of The Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show from Ketchikan, Alaska enthusiastically taught people how to fling a deadly weapon. More than that, it became a way to start a conversation with anyone attending the conference. It was weird, it was cool, it was tons of fun. Incidentally, one of the lumberjacks running things was Boone Scheer, whose actual title is Professional Timbersports Athlete (like you don’t wish that was on your business card).

Fun lesson learned: Work is work. But work can also be fun if you plan some surprises that can actually be relevant to your environment or messaging.

Don’t get into a food rut

What did you have for lunch today? How about yesterday? If you’re bored of having the same old thing for every meal, maybe it’s time for a bit of inspiration in your meal planning. “Food ruts are inevitable. Most of the time, people just need some fresh ideas to think about the ingredients they always put in their cart at the grocery store in a new way,” said Rachel West, Registered Dietitian at eMeals. One of her missions is to “take well-loved ingredients like chicken breasts or spinach and help subscribers prepare them in a way that’s fresh and new to them.” That might mean sharing a new flavor profile or a twist on a classic dish with. It also means new ingredients that sound exotic but somehow become accessible.

Fun lesson learned: You don’t have to be a foodie or spend a fortune on dining out to add a point of interest to every single day. And if you’re in charge of planning your holiday event, consider a cooking class at a local cooking school or similar. Fun and yum combined.

Try something slightly different: If playing it safe and getting the job done are your only priorities, it might be time to switch things up a bit. Want to take things even deeper, while also upping the fun factor? Fourth Generation Psychic Medium/Color Expert Linda Lauren often works with clients from every stage of life or career looking for inspiration in an unexpected place.

“Often, they want validation that they are headed in the right direction,” Lauren shared. “Many times, they know in their gut whether a new job or a move to a different location is good for them.  However, I am that person they visit who can intuit objectively as to whether that direction is one that is in their favor.” If you’re not comfortable with someone who dabbles in things that aren’t entirely predictable, Lauren offers inspiration on how to add both spirituality and fun to your day. “I suggest working with the energy of color and incorporating it into your daily life.  Colors can lift us up or bring us down, but if you work with the colors that are pleasing to your eyes and use them in your personal palette, it opens up a whole new world of positive energy to draw upon.”

Fun lesson learned: You don’t have to be predictable to be a professional. Lauren reminds us that “It’s fun to color Mandalas or pick up an adult coloring book, or online coloring app, and enjoy working with the positive energy of color as you delight in new pictures to catch your eye.

Color can make us feel good!” You can also choose a new saying to get your through tough moments. Find Your Mantra by MantraBand founder Aysel Gunar is a beautiful new book that offers inspiration by way of 75 different mantras along with descriptions of how to apply these mantras to your own life. Or head over to Subversive Cross Stitch on Instagram and create a new work of (dubious) art to hang over your desk.