Dealing With Rejection During the Job Search

Use these tips to get past rejection and land an even better job.

Don’t let the rejection eat you up inside.

Say thank you.

The lessons you learned in kindergarten also apply to your job search. As Come Recommended’s Heather Huhman points out, manners matter. Write a thoughtful thank you note to those with whom you interviewed, thanking them for their time and consideration.  The world is smaller than you think – make sure your professional brand remains intact by sending a short, sweet note.

Ask for feedback.

Find out what you could do better in your next interview. Sometimes recruiters – especially those who want to place you with another company – are motivated to share feedback that will make you a more attractive candidate. That said, don’t count on receiving feedback after every interview. When you do receive it, treat the feedback as a gift and use it to nail your next job interview.

Stay in touch.

Send personalized LinkedIn connect requests to those you met during the interview, and touch base with these connections once a quarter. When possible, find a specific reason to reach out, such as sending holiday greetings, sharing a news article that you thought would interest the person, or congratulating them on a promotion or work anniversary. This is especially useful if you made it to the final interview round but did not get the job. This way, if things don’t work out with the other candidate, you’ve done something nice to keep your brand top of mind.

Move on.

We’ve all been there. You get so excited about this one opportunity that you’re convinced you’ll land the job. As a result, all your other job-search activities take a back seat while you prepare for the interview. Don’t fall into this trap. Instead, continue pursuing new job leads. This way, if the opportunity doesn’t work out, you won’t be back at square one with your job search.