How to become memorable: 4 tips for capturing someone’s interest

Every so often, you cross paths with a memorable person. They carry such a powerful presence that it’s absolutely impossible to ignore them. Often it’s what they say that draws us to them with the pull of a magnet. Other times it’s what they do that speaks even louder.

Whatever the case, memorable people are experts at capturing your interest in a way that creates a very strong bond. Their ability to make a lasting impression not only attracts people to them but also makes them successful and incredibly happy.

Here’s the thing, though. Although it may seem that way, memorable people don’t glide into the world armed with this exceptional trait. They’ve just mastered the delicate act of presenting themselves to the world authentically and sincerely.

The truth? You too are capable of becoming a memorable person who captures the interest of others in a cherishable way. All you need is to adopt the following habits, which are not that hard to learn.

1. Let your body speak for you

“Body language speaks much more succinctly and honestly than mere spoken words.” ― Dixie Waters

You’re always communicating, constantly transmitting signals even when you’ve not breathed a word. Whether you realize it or not, non-spoken statements are your most effective tool because your listener won’t recall your words but the emotions you stir within them.

The University of Michigan recognizes eye contact as a vital skill in conversations.

Communication happens with your eyes while you’re listening just as much as when you’re talking. Remember that while you’re listening and maintaining eye contact, you should smile, open your face, and look interested.

Your eyes can display your deepest emotions and form an instant bond with someone. Ever heard of love at first sight? I guess it’s possible because your eye really is the window to your soul. So, what does this mean? Before you use your words, speak through your eyes and body. You can do this by making tiny and conscious decisions:

  • A) Make eye contact with your listener using the 50/70 rule. It signals respect, genuine interest as well as evoking emotion from your listener.
  • B) Smile in an earnest way. Want an easy way to build rapport? A genuine smile will do the magic — even babies know this!
  • C) Keep your posture upright, facing your listener. This way, your listener knows you’re open and inviting. How sweet.

Whilst these may not seem like much, don’t underestimate their impact. Positive non-verbals portray you as friendly, convincing, and compelling, which in turn makes you memorable.

2. Place a crown on their head

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou

Want the fastest route to becoming unforgettable? Develop real, honest interest in someone’s life. When you make someone talk about themselves, it shows you value them. That they are important, liked, and accepted.

Behavioral investigator and body language trainer Vanessa Van Edwards teaches that making someone feel valued causes them to remember you and makes it easy for you to attract their attention. Think about the last time someone asked what your favorite dish is or how you spend your weekends.

Did it make you feel valued? Perhaps even a little special because you felt they cared enough to take notice of you, right? Exactly. It’s what happens when you make someone feel you hold them in high regard.

They can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy inside, which creates a connection instantly. When you make someone feel this way, you’ve not only attracted their attention, you’ve secured a tiny spot somewhere in the corner of their heart. How amazing?

3. State their name

“A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” — Dale Carnegie.

In my previous job, I liked when passengers addressed me by name. It showed that they saw me. That I wasn’t just another staff member, they recognized my identity. This very simple act would compel me to go above and beyond to make their flights delightful and memorable.

I bet you too, have felt this way when someone you just met addressed you by name. A name isn’t just a name. It’s loaded with power. It’s the most robust connection to your identity and personality. Calling someone by name makes them feel recognized and respected.

And as simple as it sounds, a name can grab someone’s attention in a significant way and make you unforgettable. This feeling continues to linger. Next time you meet someone, learn their name, use it in your conversation, and most importantly when bidding farewell.

You’ll not only leave a lasting impression but you’ll also create a strong bond.

4. Spill your guts

“People who wade into discomfort and vulnerability and tell the truth about their stories are the real badasses.” Brené Brown.

Something incredibly powerful happens when you open up to someone. Being vulnerable enough to dive into the murky waters of uncomfortable places, validates your listener. By exposing your broken parts, they feel less alone.

It’s precisely why we love Oprah so much. Every time she drops the veil and reveals her poverty-stricken past, a teenage pregnancy that went south or getting the sack, she lures your attention by showing you that your struggles aren’t unique.

Like Oprah, if you want to attract someone’s attention and even better, become memorable, reveal a personal story. You’ll come across as honest and legitimate. The person will drop their guard because they feel safe, accepted, and empowered to own their struggles.

But that’s not all that openness can do. Because we live off the energy we pick from others, the other person will recognize if you conquered your struggles, they can too.

“When you can do the common things of life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.” — George Washington Carver

Next time you meet someone, stop and think about the experience they’ll have around you. Will they walk away feeling respected, valued, and appreciated? That’s what you want. To do this, address them by name, and don’t be afraid to display your broken parts.

Please show them your humanly flawed side without shyness.

Use your body language in a manner that’s open and inviting. You’ll create a strong bond. The cherry on top? Long after you’re gone, your memory will still linger. You will be truly memorable.

This article first appeared on Medium.