How to achieve Superman-level work-life balance

You are obviously not Superman. Neither am I, nor are any of the people you know. Superman had those super powers that saved others and at the meantime, he had it well balanced in his private life, too. But, should you give up on setting this kind of balance for yourself?

If you aren’t really a fictional superhero, should you give up on becoming a real one?

A super work-life balance is indeed possible. In today’s busy world when we are basically overwhelmed with our obligations, it is a relief to hear that there are actually ways to become your own Superman. Here are some great ideas that will help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

1. Focus on Your Own Strengths     

Even Superman couldn’t do all at once. We all have our traits and limitations, which means that we cannot be all things to everyone. Therefore, try to pinpoint your own strengths and use these to achieve some life and work balance.

You may wonder ‘how will my strengths help me achieve some balance?’

For example, take a look into your work actions. In order to impress the boss, you probably took over tasks you have no special skills or strengths in, and had to spend hours, days, or weeks to finish them to prove your qualities.

While this is good and can do wonders for your promotion chances, it can be very bad for your personal life. Spending all those hours working at the office and taking your work home cannot possibly be good for your relationship with the family and friends.

Of course, you shouldn’t stop trying at the workplace. This is the worst thing you can do. Instead, focus on your strengths and take challenges that are related to them. In this way, you will get to do a job you enjoy and are good at, which leaves you more time for your personal life.

2. Prioritize the Time

If you are struggling to juggle work and life, you surely have a myriad of tasks on your to-do-list. You then end up running around trying to complete every task, and failing half of them because of the hurry.

The trick in balancing your time is to prioritize. But, how do you prioritize the time?

The truth is, this is just a figure of speech. We all have the same 24 hours every day, so you cannot really prioritize them. You get them regardless of your choices. Therefore, the task here is to prioritize your tasks and arrange them within the given timeframe.

Take a look at your to-do-list. Then, create three key categories and set each of the tasks in the appropriate category. You should be looking at:

  1. Important and urgent
  2. Not important and urgent
  3. Important and not urgent

Of course, there will also be that category that includes tasks that are neither important nor urgent, but that’s actually the easy part. Eliminate these from your to-do list immediately.

As for the rest, go through the set order. In this way, you will be able to finish everything in time.

3. Get Yourself Some Personal Time

Your personal time does not necessarily need to be the time you spend focused on your out-of-work obligations. As a matter of fact, taking some personal time should exclude those errands. Instead, you should do exactly what the idea suggests – take time for yourself.

For some people, personal time is time with their friends and family, where they do not think of work and simply enjoy a loving and fun day. For others, it is the ‘alone time’ when no one speaks to them, asks them to do things, and basically, bothers them.

‘When I get my day off, I spend it alone on the beach. My friends think I am weird because of this, but I find it to be perfectly normal. I handle people’s tasks and problems every single day, so I just need those couple hours when no one is talking to me and I can relax on my own’ – says Irene Jackson, content writer at

4. Stick to Your Work Hours

The idea of set work hours are no coincidence – there is a limit on how much a person can and should work to balance their life and health. Knowing this, you simply must stop working those extra hours and spend sleepless nights on your laptop or the desk in your office.

If you do not learn to stick to the work hours, you will be working more than everyone in the office. This may be rewarding in the long run, but will most probably ruin your personal life.

The strategy goes both ways. By limiting your work hours, you are also limiting your personal life hours. If you focus on work during work hours and on personal life during personal hours, you will have achieved the balance you aim for.

5. Tap into Technology

Instead of spending all that time flying across the country to go to a meeting, grasp technology at its best. With the advance in technology, you no longer have to drive two hours to a meeting, or fly to a different city to meet with an important client.

There are many conferencing technologies and programs such as Skype that are not only efficient, but actually considered highly professional in the business world. At this point, everyone is so busy that they will actually value this idea, not consider it lazy or irresponsible.

So, use technology to your advantage. This will help you set up meetings from the comfort of your own home (of course, you will have to dress appropriately and set the background), and save a lot of time otherwise spent on travelling.

6. Make Exercise One of Your Priorities

Healthy lifestyle is not something you should do, but something you must do. With all that stress and running around trying to juggle work and personal life, you need exercise more than ever.

If you think you do not have the time to exercise, find it. Cross something else from your list, but always keep exercise in the top five tasks. Once you turn it into a regular routine, you will find that exercise keeps you energized to finish everything else, not to mention the benefits for your health.

Are you ready to start your ‘Superman challenge’? Go step by step and turn your life into a more balanced, healthier lifestyle!

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