Here’s how you can give back during the Coronavirus outbreak

As the coronavirus continues to make its way across the United States, shutting down businesses and schools and making life come to a complete standstill, it has many Americans wondering if there are ways to help the effort to contain COVID-19 from shutting down life for a long time.

Epistemologists predicted that with no major interventions effectively flattening or suppressing the coronavirus growth curve, people could face as many as 18 more months of isolation, which would not only have significant lifestyle repercussions but would also cause massive economic struggle.

By now, much of the country have been advised to social distance from each other by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control. In some areas, social distancing has progressed into shelter-in-place, which is a mandate requiring people to remain within their homes unless for medical or nutritional necessities.

In order to keep yourself busy during the coronavirus outbreak, there are ways people can exercise safely in their homes or even look at picking up a new hobby that they’ve long put off. But if you’re looking to give back and help during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are ways to do that as well.

Medical help

Hospitals are seeking donations as it faces shortages of medical supplies.

The Cambridge Health Alliance asked people who have safety goggles used in chemistry laboratories or during woodshops to donate the goods in Massachusetts, according to WBUR.

They are willing to accept masks, paper-protective gowns, and protective eyewear.

“This is an unprecedented and unpredictable crisis,” a statement said, “and we are pursuing different avenues to bolster and preserve our supplies so that we can meet the critical need and support our frontline staff.”

Buzzfeed reported Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York has only a week’s supply of masks currently, citing a transcript from a staff meeting last week. The shortage is due to delays in China, where production and distribution have been interrupted during the pandemic.

The American Red Cross said it faces a severe blood shortage due to blood drive cancellations during the coronavirus outbreak. The Red Cross urges organizations o continue scheduled blood drives because blood shortages could create another health care crisis during the pandemic. They are asking healthy individuals to donate blood, platelets or AB elite plasma.

Deaconess Health System asked the public to sew face masks for those staffers fighting COVID-19. The company posted directions on how to properly make a face mask which includes having cotton fabric, cotton flannel, and elastic rope.

“This does follow CDC protocols that you can find on their website that if all other supplies are not available, that handmade masks that meet certain criteria are acceptable,” Deaconess spokeswoman Becca Scott said via Courier & Press.

Give back

With local businesses closed, it’s becoming a grim reality that many might not be able to survive the economical effects of the coronavirus.

Nearly 18% of Americans already find themselves out of work or with reduced hours due to the outbreak, according to one poll.

Restoring any type of normalcy once the outbreak is contained will have to come with a helping hand. One way to give back is by ordering gift cards or donating money via Go Fund Me pages to local businesses. The idea of ordering gift cards gives businesses money right now that can be used to your benefit once stores open again.

With restaurants forced to curb dining, many are offering delivery and curbside pickups. It’s another option to get your favorite bite to eat while supporting local establishments.