Here are the best places to work if you want to bring your dog

Want to work somewhere you can bring your dog? Scratch that – want to work somewhere where you can bring your dog and get pet benefits, and have multiple dog parks for your pup to play on? In anticipation of Take Your Dog to Work Day on June 21, Wellness Natural Pet Food has scoured the country to create a list of America’s Most Pet-Friendly Companies 2019.

Amazon (Seattle, WA)

It’s a doggie dream. Employees can bring their dogs and boy, does that ever add up – there are as many as 6,000 dogs in the e-tailer’s headquarters on any given day. Amazon has built the brood multiple dog parks, a dog deck, and provides treats and every reception desk.

Harpoon Brewery (Boston, MA)

Bring your dog – that goes without saying. There are special events, too. In 2018, Harpoon hosted the first-ever “Dogtoberfest,” which allowed Boston dog owners to bring their pals along while their humans indulged in an afternoon of beer tasting.

Trupanion (Seattle, WA)

A leader in medical insurance for cats and dogs, Trupanion naturally allows dogs in the office. Taking it one step further, they have in-house dog walker, as well as a Pet Program Manager and a Pet Emergency Team to make sure that the pups are entertained and safe. Trupanion also a pet bereavement benefit which includes three days of paid leave.

Ben & Jerry’s (Burlington, VT)

Dogs are always welcome in this workplace, where there’s a “Canine Culture Committee” to make sure the dogs are happy – and to organize events like talks from vets about behavior and training.

Contently (New York, NY)

Dogs roam the office here, and they also show up on the company “Contently-Canines” Slack channel where pet owners can exchange photos, swap info and advice, and talk about their dogs.

Procore (Carpinteria, CA)

A dog-friendly office stocked with treats and water bowls – and doggie social hours. Take advantage of the pet insurance.

Ticketmaster (Los Angeles, CA)

Not only can you bring your dog to work, but the company offers pet insurance.

PetSafe (Knoxville, TN)

Bring your dog to work at this pet brand.

TripAdvisor (Needham, MA)

Dogs welcome.

Purely Elizabeth (Boulder, CO)

The natural foods brand will let you take your dog to work.

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