Here are some Fashion Week looks to elevate your Spring 2020 work wardrobe

Fashion doesn’t have to be a frenzy. New York Fashion Week for next Spring/Summer 2020 has come and gone, and Ladders rounded up some of the best looks from designers that might make you feel more soigne in the office next spring.

The looks to attain

For contemporary knitwear line PH5, spring means that office basics – blazers, striped cardigans, and gauzy pleated ballerina-length skirts – get re-made in pale pastel hues. Or bolder skirt suits in mixed plaids and checks to brighten up any rainy day.“We wanted to make clothes that women could wear to work that didn’t feel old,” founder Wei Lin told

ph5 nyfw
PH5 S/S 20 at NYFW; Photo: Joseph Lin / Ladders

Chinese designer Taoray Wang had plenty for day and night. Looks that fit for the office included the show’s opening outfit, a leg o’ mutton pastel green blouse paired with an embellished indigo silk skirt, followed by pale pink tailored trousers, and several printed tops in shades of shamrock. Wrap it up with several wrap dresses, including one in pale green.

taoray wang nyfw
Taoray Wang S/S 20 at NYFW; Photo: Joseph Lin / Ladders

Korean designer Yuna Yang, whose clothing is made in New York, featured after-work looks, like these romantic evening dresses, as well as a full collection of accessories.

yuna yang nyfw
Yuna Yang S/S 20 at NYFW; Photo: Sheila McClear

And for the men…

Is neon the next big look for men? At Carlos Campos, the Honduran-born fashion designer (whose father was a master tailor) called on his memories of the early 90s with retro looks in neon and graphic cut-out designs. Tailored trousers in navy gabardine were paired with a variety of tops, decorated with neon graphics.

Peep a long neon pink lab shirt, tan cotton short-sleeve tops with electric purple piping,  a multi-color striped jacquard pullover, and a kimono top. Logomania showed up with “C”s emblazoned on various tops, at one point covering a shirt completely. There were also merino tailored suits in shocking pink and cyan (worn with white sneakers) for the bold, and an electric orchid wool trench coat.

Could guys make these looks work for work? Sure, if they have moxy, plus an appreciation for color and a dash of kitsch.