Google is making email even more efficient with these new modifications

Your Gmail just got a little more efficient.

It seems the stellar folks from the G Suite are constantly thinking up new ways to make their email service organized, cleaner and more streamlined. This year, they’ve already announced that they’re changing the app design for Gmail, and they added new functions to make composing and downloading emails easier online.

Now, they’re making even more modifications, this time to the right-click context menu on Gmail’s main page.

Credit: G Suite

Before, when users right-clicked on an email from their main page in Gmail, they were able to do a few basic actions: Move an email to another tab, archive it, mark it as unread or delete it.

But now, as the new context menu rolls out, users are given all kinds of possibilities. They can reply, forward, snooze, label or mute a message, but they can also search for any other emails from the same sender or with the same subject.

And they can “open multiple emails in multiple new windows at the same time,” according to the G Suite team.

The updated context menu started its gradual rollout for rapid release domains on Feb. 11 and is slated for full rollout starting on Feb. 22.

So get ready to organize, because, with this tool, there’s no excuse for an Inbox Infinity situation.