From Kings Landing to Winterfell: Enjoy these Game of Thrones travel experiences

With Game of Thrones back for its eighth and final season in just a few weeks, now may be the time to plan a trip to celebrate the story coming to a resolution.

The final episodes just around the corner, and there are tour companies that are curating trips to real-life places where scenes from the show were filmed.

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Here are a few expert travel companies that have put together itineraries and experiences to mark the series finale.

Seven Kingdoms Adventures

Travel to the Seven Kingdoms with Friendly Planet Travel, a full-service global specialized tour operator. For Game of Thrones-enthusiasts, Friendly Planet offers trips iconic filming destinations in Spain, Morocco, Croatia and more.

Fans can cruise to Croatia and discover King’s Landing in Dubrovnik and Daenerys’ throne room at Diocletian’s Palace in Split on the 11-day Croatia Cruise Adventure.

Or, fans can jet to Spain and explore The Alcazar of Seville, which serves as the Water Gardens of Dorne, and Cordoba’s Roman Bridge, also known as the Long Bridge of Volantis on the 8-day Discover Spain trip. Other interesting show-inspired trips include Discover Croatia, Discover the Adriatic, and Best of Morocco.

Take the “Road to Winterfell” through Ireland

Take the Road to Winterfell with Brendan Vacations via private chauffeur on a 7-day journey through the iconic film sites in Northern Ireland.

Visit over 15 film locations throughout Winterfell and the Iron Islands while experiencing Ireland’s dramatic landscapes, steeped in history, along the way.

From Dublin and Belfast; Castle Ward, also known as Winterfell; Giant’s Causeway and Ballintoy Harbor, home of the Iron Islands; and The Dark Hedges, famed as Kingsroad, this package includes premier accommodations, multiple meals, and excursions led by local guides like a cycling tour through Castle Ward, and a private car with chauffeur for convenient transportation throughout Ireland.

Westeros Wanderlust

Contiki, a social travel company for 18- to 35-year-olds, knows that Game of Thrones is on travelers’ radar, so they’ve created Call the Banners, an interactive quiz that will tell travelers where to travel for Westeros-inspired scenery based on their “House.”

Swear allegiance to the King in the North? Stark supporters will love Contiki’s 6-day Scotland trip through the Highlands. Those with a fiery personality (House Targaryen, of course) can travel to New Zealand on Contiki’s Kiwiana Panorama, exploring the diverse landscape fit for dragons.

For those that swear no loyalty to any king (aka the Night’s Watch), you can travel to Iceland, a major filming spot for Game of Thrones, on the 6-day Fire and Ice trip.

Experience the “Royal Treatment” in New York

To honor this highly-anticipated final season, NYC’s Refinery Hotel has created “Lannister’s Lair,” a suite that will be available every Sunday from April 14th through the end of the season.

Fans can toast to the monumental season with goblets full of wine while you indulge in a themed room service menu with dishes such as Braavos Branzino and Dragon Snack.

This decked out suite starts at $569 for the night and includes GOT-themed perks like fur throws to drape over your royal throne; mood-setting “dragon egg” candles; and access to HBO and HBO GO to binge watch all seasons to date.

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