From boring to beneficial: How to handle a slow day at work

We’ve all been there.

Some days in the office that are so hectic and fast-paced, it feels like you blink and it’s time to leave. There are others that go by so slowly you feel as if you’ll barely make it out alive. All of your deadlines are met, your inbox is organized and you’ve even gotten ahead on a few projects but there are still six hours left in on the clock. It’s going to be a long day.

The truth is, no matter how fun and engaging your job may be, no one is exempt from the occasional boring work day.

Instead of falling into the black hole of endless Instagram scrolling, catching up on Netflix shows, online shopping or checking the clock every five minutes — a slow day in the office is the prime time to get ahead on some major career goals.

A boring work day doesn’t mean you can’t get anything productive done, so I’ve laid out a few tips and tricks to help you successfully cross the finish line of a slow day.

Work on your side hustle

We all have one! And since your workload is light, what better time than while you’re already up and active. A boring work day is the ideal time to finish your business plan, brainstorm new ideas or create content for your your passion project. Use the down time to research industry-specific news and trends, and hone in your your goals! You’ll thank yourself for using your time wisely.

Listen to Podcasts or an Audiobook

Podcasts are my new favorite thing, and there are so many to choose from that cater to your interests. Whether you like news and politics, murder mysteries, or even if you just want to learn something new; there’s a podcast to meet your desires.

The WorkParty podcast will arrive in August 2018! Hosted by Create & Cultivate CEO and author of WorkParty™, Jaclyn Johnson, this weekly podcast will break down the business of being a modern working woman. Be sure to tune in!

Audiobooks are growing in popularity and are another fantastic way to stay mentally engaged during a slow day. Audiobooks are awesome because they allow you to multitask while listening to a story, and is a lot faster than reading a regular book. A great narrator will enthrall you into the story and bring the characters to life. Listening to good audiobook will definitely help a boring day fly by.


Admittedly, this is probably not the first thing you want to do when it comes to making a boring day more entertaining, but it’s a good idea if you want to take control of your cash! Creating a monthly or weekly budget will help you understand your cash flow and see what’s coming in and leaving  your accounts, and will help you save more and spend less. A great way to feel like you’re really adulting.

Update your resume and LinkedIn profile

Updating your resume isn’t just for when you’re looking for a new job. In fact, according to CareerCast, keeping your resume current is part of a smart long-term career management strategy. It’s recommended that working professionals update their resumes several times throughout the year.

Did you just complete a major project? Earn a certificate? Learn a new skill? Add it to your resume and LinkedIn Profile.

You may not be looking for a new job, but someone could be looking for you. LinkedIn is one of the most popular networking platforms, and whether you’re in the market for a new job or not, it’s always advantageous to keep your career profiles updated. It’s a great way to show potential employers and business partners what you’re made of.


Remember the person you said you wanted to schedule a coffee meeting with, but never got around to doing it? Do it now! Networking is essential and there is never a bad time to reach out. Use a slow work day to look through your contacts and schedule meetings or phone calls to expand your network. You never know what new doors can open after a friendly interaction.

It’s hard to predict the ebbs and flows of work life. But when things in the office slow down, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to. Let’s keep pushing, we’ve got this!

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