Five wholesale club shopping strategies that may help with your job search

Joining a membership club has its advantages. Not only are there discounts but the shopping experience can be fun and interesting. Experts say there can be “takeaways” from a shopping club that can be used in a job search. Here are some points to help you score some shopping and employment deals.

Be selective

If you’re visiting a wholesale shopping club, like Costco, chances are you’re not entering with the intent to buy everything and anything you see there, says Dana Case, director of operations, in California.

“You’re coming prepared with a list of things you need that can fit into your budget — and maybe a few extra items if you can afford it,” Case says. “The same approach can be used in bettering a job search. Do not mass submit your resume to any and all jobs listed. Be selective.”

Case advises applying for the jobs you know you would like to work for and be thoughtful when doing so.

“Keep a short list of dream gigs on the side and apply for those too,” she continues. “Either way, you might get exactly what you needed.”

Don’t shop hungry

Amy Morin, a psychotherapist and author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, says looking for a job when you’re feeling desperate is the same as shopping on an empty stomach.

“When you need a job and you need it now, you won’t be able to be selective,” she says. “You’ll likely settle on something long because you’ll be convinced you need, not because you want it. You’ll make the best career moves when you walk into the interview thinking about whether it’s a good job for you, rather than worrying about whether they’re going to like you.”

Consider both money and time

Buying in bulk isn’t always a good idea. Maybe you can’t use a product before it expires. Or maybe you decide it’s not worth a special trip to the store to buy one or two items.

“Do the same with your job search,” advises Morin. Consider the money you’re going to make, as well as the time it’ll take. A higher salary with a longer commute may be too high of a price. Or, a job that requires you to be connected 24/7 might require more time than it’s worth.”

Know your price

Not everything in a wholesale store is a good deal so it’s important to know the price you’re willing to pay for each item, says Morin. It’s important to know your price when you look for jobs too.

“Don’t waste time and energy applying for jobs with salaries that won’t meet your needs,” she adds. “And when you are offered a job, negotiate to get your price.”

Stick to the perimeter

Wholesale clubs love to lure customers into the middle of the store with attractive impulse purchases.

“Inflatable toys, books, and gift baskets can easily end up in your cart even if you had no intention of buying those things when you walked into the store,” cautions Morin. “Don’t get impulsive with your job search and don’t allow yourself to fall prey to temptation.”

She recommends not wasting your time searching for fun jobs if they won’t pay the bills. “Stick to the job ads that will meet your needs at this phase in your life so you won’t be tempted to make an impulsive choice about your career,” adds Morin.