Finding job opportunities for students with art degrees

Unwritten rules every art major should keep in mind during the job search.

College life is awesome! Interesting classes, exciting assignments, Greek life, new friends – this is the best time of your life. But a moment comes when you have to start searching for a job, and will learn how difficult it can be. However, by being prepared, a successful job search can be yours.

This is especially true if you are an art major.

What is so special about you? You possess invaluable traits that other students lack: Resilience and perseverance – two qualities that can’t be taught in the classroom. They will help you tremendously in your job search. Remember, this world doesn’t belong to grease monkeys; just alter your approach, and the job of your dreams will find you.

Here are five things for art students to keep in mind if they want to make their job-search process easier and more pleasant:

Concentrate on your soft skills

Recruiters love numbers, which is why your technical counterparts can get luckier here: They all concentrate on hard skills (learning a language, selling, developing websites, etc.). As an art major, you have your own ace up your sleeve: Your interpersonal or “soft skills.” Include your soft skills in your resume. Even if you can’t boast of increasing sales, you can always mention your effective team leading, for example.

Think of yourself ONLY

Art majors are usually very creative and sensitive people. If you are too, the most frustrating thing for you may be your friends’ success. While you are searching for a job, it may seem as if everyone around you has already found the job of their dreams—or at least some job. Don’t think about it! Focus on yourself and construct your own approach to the job search. Art was your major of choice for a reason. You will eventually find a job that utilizes your creativity in one way or another.

Art is not everything

Are you still studying? Then it’s high time to think of some supplemental classes. All bosses love employees with certain skills, and your artistic ability can be enhanced by other expertise, such as computer programming (if you learn graphic design) or oral communication classes (if you are a writer and a pro in written language). You can always sign up for online classes to learn new skills or improve the knowledge you already have on your own time.

Use the Internet creatively

Your college degree proves you are a creative person, so utilize your abilities. Show off your creativity with your own unique online portfolio. No matter what kind of position you’re looking for, you should provide employers and hiring managers with an informative and intriguing personal website as well as multiple social media profiles. Hiring managers often check the online presence of every candidate, which is why you should be ready. And don’t forget to double-check for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes, especially when it comes to your LinkedIn profile!

Lean on your network

Do not neglect networking strategies during your time at college. According to numerous studies, social media still remains the best way for students to find a job. Use this and other methods to connect with the creative people in your life, as well as those in more conventional roles, to get a feel for what might be available within their networks. Do not disregard any chance to find potential job opportunities.