Find a Job You Love

 We’ve all had dreams of growing up and becoming a fireman, a ballet dancer, a fairy princess or superhero. And while those dreams usually give way to more practical job decisions there is something to be said for aspiring to be a rock star or a professional wrestler. Choosing a job that interests you can be the difference between a job and a career according to Regina Van Burkleo, HR and recruiting expert and’s job interview skills examiner.

Pick Your Passion

Be creative. What do you love to do? Do you have a hobby or a passion that you’d be thrilled to do full-time? Take a pass at making that your career.

But be careful. There are pitfalls.

“As much as you might really enjoy learning different ways to filet salmon, for example, it might be difficult to monetize that expertise into a business, even on the Internet,” write Jeff and Rich Sloan, brothers and creators of Startup Nation.

Even if not every hobby will be a great business venture, that doesn’t stop many from exploring the possibilities.  A survey of recent searches show new laws on the west coast motivating possible career changes. Popular searches include “cannabis reviewer in California,” and “weed jobs in Colo.”  Silliness or ingenuity?

These job seekers are looking for a job they can love.

Money VS. Passion

There is one caveat that sometimes brings big dreamers back to earth: salary. Can your passion pay your bills? Experts say yes.

“Fortunately, a solution can still be worked out, by integrating both career and passion and finding a middle path,” says Roli Gupta of Workplace Wisdom.

When considering a new job or even a career change assessing the cultural fit of the company is important to your long term satisfaction, according to Ladders columnist Patty Orsini in the article If the Job Fits.

With a satisfying job during the week, you can still be a rock star on the weekend—even if it’s at a Karaoke bar.