I tried this new product that lets you exercise in bed (and now my abs are killing me)

You know those days that you’re just too busy to actually get yourself to the gym, but have all the best intentions of doing an at-home workout via some fitness guru on YouTube? But then- before you know it- you find yourself lying in bed. Well, there’s no going back from here, is what I always think. But now, entrepreneurs (and husband and wife) Andre and Grace Lutfy have given us zero excuses to not get a workout in (even after we’ve crawled into bed) with their new product that allows us to exercise in bed.

I got the chance to try out the BedGym, from setup to cool down, and truthfully my abs have never hurt more…and I go to barre class. As Andre said, it’s the perfect way to “Netflix and chill…and workout.”

What is the BedGym?

The BedGym is a new product that uses your mattress as a tool to hold resistance bands in place, allowing you to exercise in bed. It looks like this:

How the BedGym works

The setup was relatively easy (it took me 20 to 25 minutes). My bed is in the corner of my room, so I had to do the “putting sheets on the bed” dance in order to get the band secured around my bed. I started by wrapping the “BedBelt” around my mattress, tightened it, and then began to add the reinforcement straps. Then I attached two of the resistance bands to holes at the top of the mattress and two at the bottom.

The handles and ankle straps were all that was left, so I attached the four pieces to the resistance bands (handles at the head of the bed and straps at the foot). From there you use the handles and ankle straps to perform exercises for virtually every part of the body: from arms to legs, abs to glutes.

How I feel about exercising in bed

Some may think that exercising in bed is a bit odd, but it actually felt pretty similar to using an exercise mat on the floor. What I found really useful is that you can do virtually any exercise that requires resistance bands because there are holes in the BedBelt all around the bed.

Additionally, the BedGym isn’t just for working muscles, but stretching them, too. The resistance bands give you an amazing leg stretch. that you really just can’t get otherwise.

I found the exercise guide super helpful because working out with resistance bands was a bit foreign to me. In addition to the exercise guide, there are also sample exercise routine videos available for you to follow.

Why the BedGym is great for building your core

Core exercises are tough- there’s no denying this. But what I never realized was how much more tough they become once you switch from a hard gym floor to an unstable surface- like your bed. When I started the ab exercises on the BedGym I felt a burn in core muscles that I never knew I had.

As it turns out, this wasn’t just me being a baby but science at work. The instability of your mattress, Grace told me, helps trigger core muscles to work even harder. As an aspiring yogi, this excited me. I can see this product being super useful in building the core strength I’ve always dreamed of.

Why I actually like to exercise in bed

While I didn’t run out and cancel my gym membership directly after hopping out of bed after my workout, I foresee the BedGym becoming extremely useful on days where I don’t have time to make it to the gym. Even if I don’t have time to get dressed and drive over to my gym, I should have 10 minutes each day to exercise in bed.

The great part about this product is that it barely takes up any space at all. You can leave each part attached or remove the resistance bands and store them away. If you’re looking to cover the Bed Gym, all you need to do is throw your comforter on your bed. When the bed is made, there’s no way to tell it’s there at all. Having a small room, the lack of clunky equipment is major. In small city apartments or dorm rooms, there’s no spare space for big weights, exercise balls, or treadmills.

How this product is being used in the medical world

In addition to being extremely handy for those in the fitness world, Andre told me that the product is also being embraced by those in the medical community. Bed-ridden or low-mobility patients may not get exercise, which is dangerous to their health. Patients that require exercise are often stretched or worked out in bed, which actually makes this product extremely useful.

According to Lufty, doctors at the International Multiple Sclerosis Management have started using the product with patients and the United Spinal Association has featured the BedGym on its website. Allowing patients to exercise from bed gives bed-ridden patients a whole new way to stay in shape and move their muscles. Those recovering from surgery can also use the equipment to start exercising again in a safe and low-risk environment.