An Apple alum wants to help white-collar workers find hidden jobs

Where do all the great jobs hide? It’s a thought that crosses many a frustrated job seeker’s mind as they watch their peers get jobs they didn’t even see advertised. Job analysts estimate that up to 80% of jobs go unpublicized.

Often, job seekers have to scrounge through whisper networks and recruiter LinkedIn messages to uncover the good jobs. Many recruiters and job seekers rely on word-of-mouth to pass along information about jobs, which limits potential candidates to only the people you know and the people your friends know — which isn’t good for diversity and isn’t ultimately good for companies’ bottom lines.

That’s the kind of word-of-mouth network entrepreneur Joe Meyer was encountering after he sold his company HopStop to Apple. He told Business Insider that after he sold his company, recruiters would contact him with offers for jobs based on his past experience — not the new kind of roles he was actually interested in. Enter his new site for senior-level job seekers looking to fill that gap.

A members-only site for ‘unpublished senior-level job opportunities’

Founded by Meyer, ExecThread is a members-only job board site for executives, which recently secured $6.5 million in financing and has around 20,000 members. Once you get approved, it lets executives on its platform crowdsource and anonymously share job leads with each other. In a statement, the company claimed it’s the “largest aggregator of unpublished senior-level job opportunities” with members that include professionals from 80% of the Fortune 100.

As one success story highlighted on the site relates, the idea of ExecThread is that you can bypass recruiting firms and view job listings yourself. “What made it so powerful for me was accessing West Coast opportunities while living in New York City. There aren’t many tools that give you that kind of visibility aside from talking to recruiters one-on-one,”  Nick Bellomo, the CFO at Tastemade and a user of ExecThread, said.

How to find hidden jobs if you can’t join the club

You no longer have to be referred to apply for entry into ExecThread, but that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get in. To get in, your application will undergo a review process along with a statistical evaluation.

So not all of us are going to get into this exclusive club of cool top jobs.

For the rest of us who aren’t executives or don’t pass ExecThread muster, there’s still hope, however. Focus on building your career network by attending industry events and meeting with peers in person so people know you’re looking for a new kind of job. People won’t know you’re looking for a job until you tell them.

Of course, the long-term solution to finding hidden jobs is for employers to stop hiding them. As long as jobs aren’t being publicly advertised, employers are perpetuating uneven information networks that lead to homogenous hires.