Drinking two or more of this every day greatly increases risk of premature death

Everyone already knows that drinking sugary and sweetened beverages is bad, but new research shows they’re way worse for us than we thought – and possibly even fatal.

A study by Harvard researchers published in the journal Circulation showed that people who drink two or more sugar-sweetened drinks a day have a 31% higher risk of premature death from cardiovascular disease.

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And it doesn’t stop there. Each additional drink – whether it’s a soda, a sports drink, or other sweet beverage – increases that risk by 10%.

The researchers examined data from two different studies involving nearly 38,000 men and over 30,000 women. They were tracked for between 20 and 30 years and asked how much they ate and drank and about their lifestyle every two years.

Those who drank one to two sugary drinks a day had their risk of death from any cause shoot up by 14%. Two or more, and the risk went up by 21%.

These risks were more common among women than men. The same researchers found, as part of the same study but published in a different journal, that women who drink diet soda regularly (meaning two diet sodas, or two fruit drinks per day) have an increased stroke risk of 23%, plus a 31% increased risk for an ischemic stroke.

So, sweet drinks? Diet drinks? Both are bad for you. It’s better to drink green tea instead.

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