Dream job alert: You could be Twitter’s ‘Tweeter in Chief’

Are you extremely plugged into Twitter? Like, so much so that you never unplug? Do you know what the Twitter masses are going to Tweet almost before they Tweet it? There may be a perfect job waiting for you.

Twitter is hiring a “Tweeter in Chief,” a person who will represent Twitter, on Twitter, to Twitter, using the powerful @twitter account. (Previously, that account was maintained by staffers, not a single person). It represents another step Twitter is taking to attempt to fix itself and its chaotic, shout-y nature.

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“You’ll set the tone of who we are and how we act, and talk to people on Twitter,” says the job listing on Twitter’s website. “No big deal.” The position is listed as based in San Francisco, New York, or any office in the U.S.

“You’ll be writing the Tweets for @Twitter, setting the editorial direction and leading a team of incredible community managers.”

Not only will you be “reacting to culture, as it happens,” but we suspect you may also have the job of putting out fires, as Twitter has recently doubled down on stopping the spread of misinformation and hate speech.

It also seems that the position will include interacting with users. “We’re host to the most amazing conversations in the world … Spark conversations that highlight what unites us. Make the platform and world feel a little smaller.”

You’ll also be a storyteller about Twitter’s brand identity, direction, and new products and features. Subjects may include “donuts, summoning circles, Serena Williams or the launch of Retweet with GIF.”

You’ll also have to be tuned into the zeitgeist – “extremely plugged into Twitter culture, stan culture, and culture in general.”

Requirements are for a candidate with a background of “social copywriting for influential brands.” And also, they’d like to see your Tweets! Get ’em ready.

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