Creative ways to separate the office from home when you work remotely

When your home also doubles as your office, professional and personal boundaries can blur. To separate the two worlds, you’ll need to get inventive. Maybe try working away from your bedroom, or turning off your phone … or donning your work robe?

Creative costume changes were among the many answers that writer Nicole Cliffe received when she asked her followers what they did to separate work and home.

Change outfits

Some people said they changed clothing to delineate where work began and ended.

Dressing up for success is backed by science to work. Even if no one but you can see your professional outfit, your brain will notice a difference. Studies have shown that formal business outfits can enhance our mind’s creativity and strategizing skills. In one experiment, choosing a suit over wearing sweatpants made a noticeable difference in participants’ abilities to negotiate.

Create wind-down rituals

Some people said that they turned to television to signal the end of their workday.

Some participants said they created private daily rituals for themselves:

Others made the ritual a sensory experience. Participants tried lighting candles and spritzing perfume to wind down after work. Smells are tied to our memories, and the whiff of a certain scent can send us into work mode. Take it from these folks:

Get out of the house

When your work from your house, getting physically away from your house, even if it’s just to run errands, can help your mind relax.