The coziest items you can find on Amazon to make your WFH experience more enjoyable

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Since home is where everything is right now—our office, our cafe, our restaurants, you name it—many of us are looking for ways to make it as cozy as possible.

Though the level of chaos depends on who you are sharing your roof with, there are small additions you can purchase to create a comfortable atmosphere. From your wardrobe to blankets and beyond, here are 15 ideas to zen out your space:

Icebreaker Crush Pants

If you haven’t put on jeans since the pandemic began, you’re definitely not alone. Having comfortable leggings and sweatpants on rotation is the wardrobe most people are choosing these days—and for good reason.

For ultimate comfort and warmth, try this pair made of 88 percent merino wool. Add a button-up on top, and you’re ready for your next Zoom call.

Molly Hatch x Steel Mill & Co. Fleece Throw Blanket

Regardless if you’re sitting on your couch, at your desk or by your kitchen table, when you’re at home, a blanket is always a welcomed addition to your set-up.

This oversized fleece throw will keep you toasty and the bright colors may just raise your spirits. 

LAFCO’s Spike Lavender Signature Candle

Infused with lavender, geranium and eucalyptus, when you catch a whiff of this candle, you’ll instantly feel more at ease. Because these scents exude calmness and reflection, it’s recommended to light it after a long work day so you can disconnect and find peace in a chaotic time. 

Carve Designs’ Bonfire Pant

If you want to feel like you’re getting ‘ready’ for work and not putting on—yet another—pair of leggings but you aren’t quite ready for say, a suit, this is your middle ground.

They’re chic and relaxed, featuring wide-legs that are easy to sit casually in. Made of linen, they will feel like a slight upgrade from your cotton sweats.

Club Mocchi Mocchi Plushes

While everyone is impacted in some way by the pandemic, those who live alone may suffer from feeling lonely and isolated. Especially if—technically speaking—they can’t hug anyone right now, having something to snuggle with can be a mood booster.

This cute Nintendo Mario Kart Mushroom will send vintage vibes, all while providing a much needed cuddle session. If the mushroom isn’t your fave, you can choose from many other characters, too! 

Heat Holders Thermal Socks

Sadly, the skiing season ended abruptly but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the gear while at home. For the toastiest-toes ever, consider putting on these crew socks that are thick, chunky and have a tog rating of 2.34 (that means they hold in the heat!).

In addition to their ability to lock in temperature, they also have pile cushioning to provide support. If you’re someone who struggles with constantly-cold feet or circulation issues, these are a cozy must-have. 

Toad&Co Pants

Nope, they aren’t leggings. And not really sweatpants. You could probably wear them to the office—if you could go to one!—but for now, they’re ideal for remote dial-ins.

Men and women will be love the organic cotton blend made of a sustainable fabric. The real gem though, is the hidden elastic waistband that will keep the pants sitting firmly on your hips without falling down. 

Paddywax Hygge Collection

In the Danish ‘hygge’ tradition, households give every space a touch of warmth. Think: piles of cozy blankets, soft lighting and endless candles flickering.

Even if you can’t jet set to Copenhagen right now (bummer), you can pretend you’re Scandanvian with this candle inspired by the trend. You can choose your own potion here: either rosewood and patchouli, tobacco and vanilla, vetiver and cardamon, bergamot and mahogany or wild fig and cedar. 

Lulu Dharma’s Fringed Scarf

Some folks love thick sweatshirts that are oversized.

And some people want to have as little on them as possible. If you’re part of the latter crew, consider this lightweight scarf that’s made of a natural fabric. It’ll lay over you easily but won’t make you sweat. Win-win!

JLAB Noise-Cancelling Headphones 

Your children run around you, the kitchen beeps at you and the neighbors are doing jumping jacks upstairs… but you still need to focus. It’s never easy but perhaps, noise-cancelling headphones can help.

These will not only last for 28 hours on one charge but they’re sleek and professional to use post-pandemic, too. 

Sanuk Puff N Chill Low Cord Slippers

Remember when you put on shoes every day?

And you put on a variety of different colors and styles? Since it’s unsure of when our footwear will be put to use again, consider investing in a solid pair of slippers like these.

They have soft footbeds and a rubber sawtooth tread for traction, making them practical and comfortable.